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Ohio University recieves subpoenas to turn over names to RIAA

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 19 May 2007 19:51 User comments (9)

Ohio University recieves subpoenas to turn over names to RIAA In a statement released yesterday, Ohio University officials said they have recieved a subpoena forcing them to turn in the names of 14 students who have been accused of illegally sharing music to the RIAA.
This latest action is part of the ongoing campaign by the RIAA to stop unauthorized file sharing on collge campuses. In February, the RIAA sent out 100 pre-lawsuit letters to Ohio University telling them to notify the students that a lawsuit was upcoming if the students did not settle.

Ohio University was only one of the more than 30 universities targeted so far.

The 14 students subpoenaed yesterday did not settle with the RIAA and so now face a lawsuit from RIAA prosecutors in the upcoming months.


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9 user comments

119.5.2007 20:18

The RIAA are like attack dogs that just dong let things lye.

220.5.2007 4:37

I love how they're paying so much attention to college students. I've been able to fill a 320gig hd in about a month and no one is the wiser. Hell I'm about a 20 minute drive from OSU campus. RIAA = Retarded as all chite.

320.5.2007 10:49

Correct. They go after comp sci students, pre med students, engineers...productive members of society. They won't go after actual criminals. Only those whose parents have very deep pockets (who else can the students ask for help in settling a 3K lawsuit?)

420.5.2007 14:00

universities should turn off DHCP logs and change the lease time to none... it would cause a lot of confusion and make it really hard to identify the students...

520.5.2007 17:42

and still even 100 people out of the amount of people who would atend ohio is just a drop in the universe
its not even close to getting anyone

620.5.2007 19:11

Yeah, people who aren't necessarily involved in any organization are 99% of the time safe from anti-pirates.

I almost pitied the students, but apparently they didn't stop after being warned, so too bad for them.

721.5.2007 0:18

they're not settling. good for them. *fingers crossed* for em.

822.5.2007 18:04

I would think that unsecured wireless connections would run rampant on a college campus.

It will just be a matter of time before the students can pay off their RIAA debts through Sallie Mae.

924.5.2007 13:15
If those students used that it would have been a lot harder. Great thing is one of my teachers in college introduced the entire class to it. :D

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