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Should BBC play role in HD broadcasting development in UK?

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 05 Jun 2007 5:15 User comments (4)

Should BBC play role in HD broadcasting development in UK? If you live in the United Kingdom and pay your TV license, then the BBC Trust (the body that oversees the BBC) wants to hear from you. The body wants to know what the public thinks about about the BBC's proposed new high definition (HD) television channel. The development will be funded through license fees paid by citizens, so BBC Trust is giving you the opportunity to have your say on the matter.
Starting in 2006, the BBC ran a trial of HDTV broadcasting but for the scheme to develop further, it must be approved by the BBC Trust body. The closing time and date for receipt of responses is 5pm, 19 June 2007. The group is taking feedback via its website, but users can also write directly to it or email it instead.

To get involved, click here.


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4 user comments

15.6.2007 11:59

Hell yes!

If there's one thing that has helped keep the (terrestrial services sector at least) commercial side 'honest' here in the UK (in terms of quality, cost and content) it's been having a publicly funded BBC service.

You only have to look at commercial TV around the world to see how we in the UK have benefitted
(although the slide towards an ever more 'commercial future' which is apparant on UK satellite/cable TV ought to be warning enough).

25.6.2007 13:39

I would love to get involved. There is only one problem. I'm in Australia :P I wish the TV channels in Australia would do something like this for their viewers cause at the moment Free TV in Australia and even pay TV i have heard is crap.

323.7.2007 22:39

Sounds like the intentions are right at least, even if the end results don't amount to anything.

424.7.2007 8:12

to Borhan9

totally agree with you. Even the ABC wears its videotapes blank with replays. Still SBS tries to tone down its ads from the schlock that appears on the fta. It doesn't help when fewer and fewer companies operate more and more of the stations so we end up with crap1, clone crap1, clone2 crap1 etc.

A pity that we don't have an ACCC to do the BBC Trust thing on Australian telly.

And someone ought to cut the American goolies out of Telstra with their banditti like approach at corporate level.

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