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Toshiba releases HD-DVD recorder with built in HDD

Written by Dave Horvath @ 12 Jun 2007 7:16 User comments (3)

Toshiba releases HD-DVD recorder with built in HDD In the constant struggle for who will emerge on top of the HD-DVD and Blu-Ray battle, Toshiba unleashes a new pair of devices that should surely get Sony thinking of its next strategy.
The Vardia RD-A600 and RD-A300 feature not only an HD-DVD recorder but either a 600Gb or 300Gb hard drive, respectively. The hard drives themselves are all that separate the two units from one another. That, and about $200 in the final price tag. Armed with a pair of digital hi-vision HD tuners, Firewire, and HDMI these dynamic duos weigh in at a lofty 200,000 (about $1,643). I'd start making your holiday gift lists early.


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3 user comments

113.6.2007 06:21

$1650 (approx)?


It's expensive but that's not as madly expensive as SD DVD recorders (never mind with a HDD included) were initially.

Not a bad starting point for a high-end device, it'll be less than half that in under a year if their other HD DVD products are anything to go by.

If only we could get it here in the UK at those kinds of prices.

213.6.2007 07:38

Need to start releasing burner for the PC (I know they have some for the labtops). Those will be about 200 bucks and my NEC DVD Burner is slowly dying.

321.6.2007 04:42

Some impressive features.

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