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Joost working on embedded support for TVs and cellphones

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 18 Jun 2007 18:38 User comments (6)

Joost working on embedded support for TVs and cellphones The creative minds behind Joost have begun talking about including Joost support into televisions and cellphones via embedded support.
Analysts feel this move would and could be a very good move. Joost has a nice arsenal of channels but faces the problems of all other IPTV services. The service is centered around the home PC instead of the home TV and entertainment center. Everyone can agree it is easier to sit around the plasma and enjoy TV then sit around the PC monitor, and clearly Joost understands this.

Joost's new CEO Michelangelo Volpi had this to say, "Joost is a piece of software and it can reside on a variety of platforms… It could be on a television set-top box. Or potentially it could be embedded in a TV set with an Ethernet connection, or on a mobile phone, or in some alternative device that might come out in the future."

Joost might have some issues however. They will have to compete with Akimbo and Slingbox which have been offering video content to televisions for years. Joost however, is free unlike those competitors. Joost's biggest problem will most definitely be getting the large TV manufacturers to include the software with their TVs which will certainly not happen without an extensive revenue-sharing deal.

More updates as they become available.


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6 user comments

118.6.2007 19:17

This will be cool if they will make the streaming smooth with no delay's or signal lost. If they want to do this correctly make the cell phones with a better antenna for this stuff. Also make it affordable and not some over priced crap thats gonna take like 4 years to get to a reasonable price.

219.6.2007 7:45

I think having a networked TV would be pretty cool. you can just plug it in to your network and access your home media server. hopefully this his the first step towards that.

319.6.2007 11:26

Maybe they could make a small TOP JOOST Top box for the TV.

Someone needs to make a TOP Box for a TV that has a harddrive in it that can run software. Sort of like a hacked xbox.

Iguanna775. A Hacked Xbox will do just that with XBMC installed.
You can play dvds, DivX, pics. You can run homebrew software. All plugs into your exisiting LAN and uses the internet.

Problem is...its illegal to do so, and not everyone can.
Something similar, but legal is what is needed.

Even a DVD recorder could perhaps boot from the the software such as JOOST, and have a built in LAN.

I'm sure there are multiple ways this can be accomplished, but for what price ?

Be a nice add on to HD DVD's...and possible get an edge over blueray with such added funcionality

just my i don't know much...ha ha

421.6.2007 20:09

The fact that Joost is free will give them an edge in the market. Well done Joost.

523.6.2007 10:31

MAKE a linux version first.

623.6.2007 11:28

Joost has a nice arsenal of channels
Not in Canada they don't! Nothing has changed since I first tried it last month and the channel lineup is really quite pathetic. Nothing worth watching.

I'm downloading Simpsons 1-17 and just finished all of Futurama. Now THAT'S IPTV!

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