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Warner plans first ever line of direct-to-disc movies for Blu ray and HD DVD

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 20 Jun 2007 15:15 User comments (7)

Warner plans first ever line of direct-to-disc movies for Blu ray and HD DVD Today, Warner Home Video announced a pact with Dark Castle Entertainment that will mean a series of direct-to-video horror sequels will be coming to both HD DVD and Blu ray.
The line will be the first ever movies to come direct to next gen discs, although the films will also be released on the internet as a legal download and on standard DVDs.

Warner said the first movie will be released in October, entitled "Return to the House on Haunted Hill" a sequel to the 2000 blockbuster "House on Haunted Hill".

The HD versions of the movie will include interactive "navigational cinema" technology that will allow to viewer to make seven choices as the story unfolds, for a total of 90 different variations of the film.

"We are continually looking for fresh and edgy ideas for our films and for our fans to experience,"
Dark Castle co-founder Joel Silver added.

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7 user comments

120.6.2007 17:18

If a movie is so bad that it has to go direct to video, does anyone really care whether it is in high definition?

220.6.2007 17:26

Well me being a fan of low budget B horror, I think this is a cool idea. I also like the choose your own adventure aspect of this. Sounds fun and i'm looking forward to it.

321.6.2007 0:37

I'm waiting for this feature of choice to be implemented into porn movies....

do it first on the table doggie style..... or just throw it down on the rug as they walk in the door...

of course with porn they would probably limit it to 69 possible variations....pmsl

421.6.2007 8:43


...sequel to the 2000 blockbuster "House on Haunted Hill...


521.6.2007 21:10

Why cant they get this feature working on good movies not crappy B Grade horror flicks :)

622.6.2007 11:31

Does the world really need a film that will have 90 variations.

Surely discussing the latest block buster with your mates isnt going to be so easy when you all saw a diffirent version.

Is this not just a re-hash of those old video CDI's Idea again ??

And if your sticking 90 variations on a disk, they are going to either have to use a greatly reduced bit rate to stuff all the extra video on there.

Umm and duckNrun buddy i belive there is already porno's out there that are designed in this way, or at least i think ive seen a few on my cough travels.

712.8.2007 17:53

Horror movies as of late have really been crap. Direct to video has about 99% of the time been crap. Sound like a winning formula to me.

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