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BREIN forces web hosting company to close torrent site

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 21 Jun 2007 16:25 User comments (5)

BREIN forces web hosting company to close torrent site According to a BREIN press release, a court has ruled that a Dutch web hosting company, Leaseweb, must shut down a private torrent site, The identity of the website owner will also need to be divulged thanks to the ruling.
BREIN serves the same purpose as the MPAA and although it has been unsuccessful in obtaining personal information in the past, they have recently enjoyed success in taking down torrent tracker sites as well as eDonkey2000 indexing sites. BREIN boasts that they have shut down 150 indexing sites in total.

BREIN sent a cease and desist letter to Everlasting and Leaseweb but neither party chose to cooperate and so BREIN initiated legal action. The presiding judge obviously ruled in BREIN's favor. If Leaseweb continues to not cooperate, the company will face legal ramifications.

“Leaseweb is a known provider of illegal sites"
says BREIN."This verdict is the beginning of breaking down this safe haven for illegality. More cases will follow. They must comply or BREIN will sue.”


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5 user comments

121.6.2007 19:46

Hmmm... the RIAA/MPAA peeps have managed to infect other companies too.

221.6.2007 22:01

These lawsuits and companies like this will pop up everyday. Shame.

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322.6.2007 15:17

so a site or ISP talks about or gives links to stuff that could be ilegal or disliked by the goverment or corporations....close them all down I say! lets see how long a country works without the net :X

422.6.2007 17:07

after the huge publicity surrounding the closure of a couple of years ago in the Netherlands, why on earth would the owner of a p2p filesharing site host his server in the very same country ?

the stupidity of some website owners is just unbelievable, if they can't take basic steps to protect themselves, how the hell can they hope to protect their members ?

525.7.2009 4:37

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