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Dell introduces LCDs with TrueColor

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 26 Jun 2007 15:31 User comments (9)

Dell introduces LCDs with TrueColor This week, Dell unveiled a new Widescreen 24-inch LCD monitor that boasts what Dell calls TrueColor, a technology that gives the new 2407WFP-HC a greater color gamut than current LCD panels.
Currently, Dell offers the Ultrasharp 2407WFP which uses "Wide CCFL" technology and can only display anywhere between 50 and 70 percent of the NTSC color gamut. Dell claims that with the new TrueColor technology the 2407WFP-HC can display 92 percent of that Color Space.

Here are a few specs of the new monitor, according to Dailytech:
Resolution: 1920 x 1200
Response time: 6ms
Contrast ratio: 1,000:1
9-in-2 media card reader integrated into bezel
4 USB 2.0 ports

Users will still have to use expensive calibration devices such as ColorVision Spyder however, if they would like to guarantee a higher level of color accuracy.

There have been arguments that LED-backlights will still outperform CCFL displays with TrueColor due to LED-backlighting having better white point and brightness.

The new monitor will cost a handsome $679 and Dell has already released the 30 inch version.


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9 user comments

126.6.2007 15:40

am happy with my acer 22" wide

226.6.2007 18:50

"Dell plans to release a 30 inch version later in the year."

The 30 inch 3007WFP-HC already uses "TrueColor" (Dell marketing speak for their 92% gamut monitors).

327.6.2007 1:26

The only reason i dont want this is because of the Dell factor.

427.6.2007 13:15

Maybe thats why I got a $100 instant off my monitor :-)

I got the exact same monitor (the Wide CCFL version) for $100 off its listed price due to a Dell special. That was probably because they where coming out with a "Better" version of it.

I don't care, its a nice monitor anyway. Plus, who can argue with $100 off :-P

528.6.2007 3:31

borhan9, what is wrong with Dell, they are the elading computer manufacture, and frankly they ahve always been supurb! When i did have a rpoblem it was fixed within a week of calling, and was for free ( it was just out of warrenty)

Good on Dell their moniters are bloody amazing, i;ve got a 20" Ultra View one, bloody amazing!

628.6.2007 17:18

Originally posted by Riotard:
Good on Dell their moniters are bloody amazing, i;ve got a 20" Ultra View one, bloody amazing!
LCD monitors are only amazing as the panel they buy from AUO, LG.Philips, Samsung, etc. Dell's downfall is their poor quality control (at least in my experience). I am personally awaiting my 5th replacement monitor because they keep on sending me junky refurbished monitors with one issue or another.

728.6.2007 20:00

I recently bought the Dell 24" widescreen (2407WFP) Outstanding quality,comes with digital card reader and USB ports.Best monitor I had so far.

829.6.2007 1:59

Originally posted by navi1199:
am happy with my acer 22" wide
Same here! the 22" Acer from NewEgg has been flawless and at a nice price.

929.6.2007 5:16

The only reason i dont want this is because of the Dell factor.
I deliverately make my PCs as little Del-like as possible, but there's no getting away from the fact that Dell make the best high end PC monitors. Half the monitors at my LAN party are Dells, three of them (including mine) are 3007WFPs, and a good four or five others are 2407FPWs, not a single one has a dead pixel or any defect, and every single one is awesome. Far be it for me to become a dell fanboy, but their monitors have completely changed my mind about the company.

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