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Swedish police reclassify The Pirate Bay in effort to block access

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 06 Jul 2007 15:39 User comments (20)

Swedish police reclassify The Pirate Bay in effort to block access According to a press release from the Swedish Pirate Party, apparently the Swedish police have taken thier disdain of the infamous torrent tracker The Pirate Bay to a new level.
The police are reportedly "attempting to block access" to the site by reclassifying it as a child pornography site. The police then hopes Swedish ISPs will voluntarily block the "child porn" site.

The Pirate Bay has been the center of controversy for years, and it has so far thwarted numerous attempts to get it shut down. It seems though, that Swedish authorities are now desperate.

"This is a devastatingly ignorant abuse of the trust relationship between the Internet world and the Police that was created in order to stop child pornography", says Rick Falkvinge, leader of the Pirate Party. "Once given the means to shut down unwanted sites, the Police uses the filter to shut down the Pirate Bay after the failed attempt last year. And just like last year, through abuse of procedure."

TPB's latest blog includes quotes from a Swedish police press release about whether or not to reclassify the site.

"Its not decided that well put The Pirate Bay in the list - if the content is still there next week well put them there," a police spokesperson is quoted in the blog.

brokep, an admin for TPB continued in the blog about the report. "Basically, we have a lot up our sleeves for stuff like this," he said. "But we'll take the media approach first, and then we'll go to the ISPs and tell them that they should not agree to the filter (it's voluntary)."

"Shouldn't they take us down then instead of asking the ISPs to filter us?"
brokep concluded.


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20 user comments

16.7.2007 15:51

^^ hahah least comment about the article jeez

26.7.2007 15:51

wow ths is total bull$hit

there is no child porn on the pirate bay, they dont allow porn at all. if the police do this it will look much worse on them

36.7.2007 15:57

Originally posted by DVDBack23:
^^ hahah least comment about the article jeez
lol, its really not anything for them to be worried about, if they can be that cheeky they must have a serious legal team. although i do wonder how they prevent people from posting such files...

46.7.2007 16:03

ive never seen child pornography on the pirate bay...besides there are bigger torrent trackers out there i think its just because the name sounds so original

56.7.2007 16:22

Sounds to me like the police either have too little to do in Sweden, or they're receiving extra incentive to put a higher priority on things like this.

66.7.2007 16:53

there is NO child pornography on the Pirate Bay, swedish authorities are simply reclassifying the site so that it is filtered and no accesible for many. How they can possibly get this reclassification passed is beyond me :)

76.7.2007 17:19

man if cops will lie about porn & piracy what else will they lie about!

86.7.2007 18:27

I've never seen porn of any kind on tpb.

96.7.2007 19:21

I'd hate to blow anything out of proportion but isn't this the same tactic used for any mass genocide where the gov blames a group of people for some kind of scourge or plague that is the hot topic of the society solely for the purpose of furthering their own agenda

106.7.2007 22:06

Well, I find this one statement kind of odd.

"Its not decided that well put The Pirate Bay in the list - if the content is still there next week well put them there," a police spokesperson is quoted in the blog.
Now, if the police are really trying to pin them to the wall, they could post the content of this nature (perhaps named something else?), and every time it gets taken down they can put it back.

Trafficking in child porn, I wouldn't put it out of the realm of possibility for the police, especially if they are taking pages out of the RIAA and MPAA handbook.

117.7.2007 4:41

Originally posted by diabolic:
I've never seen porn of any kind on tpb.
Pirate bay *does* have porn, in fact it has a section of its own. Cant see it? Become a registered user, and all will be clear.

127.7.2007 7:31

There is no child porn on the Pirate Bay, of course there isn't.

They've tried this cr@p before.....and usually they twin the allegation up with terrorism too.

It's just a cover-story for the uninterested & the 'hard-of'thinking.

This is just a classic abuse of power by those who think the law is their own play-thing.

How much more stupid can these people make themselves look?

137.7.2007 8:14

thats just insane and unwarranted.

147.7.2007 9:16

Lets all move to SEALAND!

157.7.2007 20:50

there is porn on TPB,but its limited.

168.7.2007 8:39

i can see these MPAA scumbags try and anonymously upload child porn to tpb to try and shut it down

178.7.2007 11:02

I guess we should reclassify the police that are doing this to lying assholes

1812.7.2007 4:18

EVERYONE should be appalled when the people that are supposed to be enforcing the law are the ones that break it. Liars and cheats do not belong in law enforcement, and the ends do not justify the means. People keep bending over and taking it........

1914.7.2007 4:04

Well if there is no child porn present on the Pirate Bay then they have nothing to worry about.

2020.10.2009 13:07

Great were all pedophiles,if the Swedish police want to be ignorant,then i guess that's where we are going,the truth is, i use to upload programs on pirate bay one time to help people with old simulators, that needed patches to play online,and it worked,but now any one who has old out dated software will be left alone unable to play games like MIG-29 fulcrum,and f22 raptor,because the software companies abandoned the games,and pulled the servers,take for example UBI on the il-2 sturmovik game,you can only play online with the 1946 version,not the previous versions you cant any more,the software company's are constantly pulling the plug on great games.i have never downloaded software illegally,i wrote programs for them to use new servers.computers are getting faster,and games are getting better,but Jesus stop deactivating the servers.pirate bay just gave people a chance to try new things when the software company's abandoned older version's.

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