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Amazon will offer National Archive footage on DVD

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 30 Jul 2007 15:32 User comments (4)

Amazon will offer National Archive footage on DVD Amazon.comís DVD-on-demand service CustomFlix Labs has inked a deal with the National Archives and Records Administration to make historic films, documentaries and newsreels available on disc, the company said today.
Universal newsreels from 1920 to 1967, covering everything from the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt to the 1960 Nixon-Kennedy debate, are available starting today through CustomFlix.

"Our DVD on Demand service will make these titles readily available for purchase on to be enjoyed by history buffs today, as well as for future generations to come" said Dana LoPiccolo-Giles, CustomFlix co-founder and managing director.

Discs of available films are manufactured when they are ordered and shipped to customers within 24 hours.

Films are available for free at the National Archives site, but sell for around $12 on Amazon.

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4 user comments

130.7.2007 17:43

That's so awesome. Now we can actually watch the real speeches and historical events, instead of reading about them.

Man, Kennedy is so dreamy...

230.7.2007 22:27

I am also for this new feature. I love this due to the educational value it will be a great way in teaching history for schools. I just hope they also do this for world history and not just the USA. To have this feature available for all countries around the world will be an great addition.

331.7.2007 10:00

this is a link to a huge amount of archived information that is availible to the public. they have everything from australian rock to b/w popeye cartoons from the 20's. you can burn these onto a disk and sell them legally just like amazon is doing if u want to.

414.8.2007 17:23

Wow, now I can pay for Historical footage that should always be free for everybody. No wonder our kids can't pass FCAT's and stuff like that.

In this case, as long as somebody is trying to make a buck off of something that can be obtained free elsewhere, people are going to choose to not pay and miss out on the educational opportunity.

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