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Canadian anti-piracy raids turn up $800,000 worth of bootleg DVDs

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 22 Aug 2007 18:12 User comments (14)

Canadian anti-piracy raids turn up $800,000 worth of bootleg DVDs Police raids at a Mississauga flea market have squashed rampant piracy that was bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars for sellers. On Sunday, about a dozen booths at flea markets on Mavis Rd. in Mississauga and on Dundas St. near Hwy 427 in Toronto led to 18 arrests being made and another 8 people are being sought.
Altogether, 22 different locations were entered with search warrants, including several homes and businesses in Peel, Toronto, Halton and York. More than 40,000 bootleg DVDs worth a minimum $800,000 were seized. "We had a 21-year-old kid bragging that he was making $15,000 a weekend," Peel Det. Sgt. John Mans said. "He had the potential to make $60,000 a month and we think he was in business for six months so he could have made over $300,000."

Among the locations raided were homes in Scarborough and Markham from where police alleged the pirated DVDs were being distributed. "One of the houses we entered had 7,000 movies alone," Mans said. "We also seized equipment that we've been told was capable of turning out $21 million a year in these illegal DVDs."

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14 user comments

122.8.2007 21:56

wow, huge. why would somone sell pirated dvds at a flea market? those people deserve what they got.

222.8.2007 21:57

wow, huge. why would somone sell pirated dvds at a flea market? those people deserve what they got.

322.8.2007 22:35

Paladore, for years everybody knows that you can find pirated CDs and DVDs at any place where a large amount of people gatter, such as flea markets, subway stations, parks, even on the streets.

422.8.2007 22:36

i dont gegt it, why arent they busted right away?

522.8.2007 22:39

These are the scumbags that should be be targeted, not some poor woman who is a victim of circumstance and has to pay a large fine.

622.8.2007 22:40

greed is thier downfall.....

722.8.2007 23:05

Down where I live, the bootleggers are selling their stuff out of the back of a van at the gas station. Cops roll right past them and don't seem to care.

If you are bragging about what you make illegally selling anything, then you deserve whatever is coming to you.

823.8.2007 8:02

Originally posted by Unfocused:
If you are bragging about what you make illegally selling anything, then you deserve whatever is coming to you.
If you are selling someone else's work illegally, then you deserve what is coming to you.

923.8.2007 9:42

Hey I used to go to that fleamarket almost EVERY weekend just for that.
We talked to the guy all the time, his movies were amazing quality. 5 dvd's for $20. Last weekend we went there, and about 10 booths were closed, people told us the police raided the place.

This is a huge business, this isnt going to stop people.

But this bragging person, yeah he deserved it.

1023.8.2007 10:38

LMAO that flea market is right beside my house.I even saw the police investigation.Funny how this made the news.Awesome!

1123.8.2007 17:19

Its places all over. Cops even buy from them. They sell everything from cds, dvds, Jordans, Air Force 1's, real name brand clothes, and so on. This will never end. They only raid when you got a fool who wants to show off being dumb. Also when they need to fill that quota and seeing how more politicians are dipping in on these cases to make more money for bribes laws passed to so called stop this stuff it will never happen. I agree they should get what they deserve for somebody elses work but in the long run the artist isnt the one losing money their money isnt made off Cd's unless they own their masters which only a hand full do. Its the labels which all of them need to ripped off for ripping people off for years.

1225.8.2007 13:46

I read this in the Toronto Star (where the article is from) awhile ago and thought...

5 for $20 = $4.00 each
$4 x 40,000 (seized discs) = $160,000

Where the *bleep* did this $800,000 value come from?

If they are reasoning $800,000/40,000=$20 each, retail price, they are WRONG. Who would buy a burned disc at retail price? A burned disc is NOT worth the price of retail... that's why it's burned in the first place!

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1331.8.2007 3:43

The silly kid is boasting about what he is making in a weekend to everyone and that is going to leak out eventually and he got wat he deserved.

1415.1.2009 23:25

everyone is asking why 300,000 that's why
i have been thinking about doing this myself
i get new movies as soon as they are out on the internet some months b4 they are out in the movies
however i would not be stupid about it
make enough for a deposit on a house and get out at 15,000 a weekend i could be done in 2 weeks LOL
u just need not to be greedy or stupid
things like this post could get you cought it you use a email,or post using your own ip address thank good there are a ton of open wireless to hook up to and use a laptop you can get rid of maybe i am just a little paranoid LOL

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