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DivX Inc. acquires technology for enhanced video search and discovery Services

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 23 Aug 2007 19:15 User comments (4)

DivX Inc. acquires technology for enhanced video search and discovery Services DivX, Inc. has announced the acquisition of the assets of Veatros, L.L.C., a Kansas limited liability company. Veatros's technology was designed to conduct real-time digital video processing and will be used by DivX primarily for the purposes of producing enhanced video search and discovery services. Veatros was spun out of the Information and Telecommunication Technology Center at the University of Kansas.
The Veatros technology, when integrated with the DivX Connected platform for enjoying network-based media in the living room, will provide users with a powerful, high-quality environment for managing and enjoying all their digital media through an easy-to-use interface.

As digital media comes of age, more consumers are demanding greater connectivity and better solutions for finding media, on the PC, in the living room, and on the go. DivX provides widespread access to content through a range of products and platforms, with over 100 million DivX Certified devices from major partners including DVD players, digital televisions, digital still cameras, portable media players and mobile phones, as well as through Internet distribution platforms.

"DivX is building a better media experience in partnership with the world's leading consumer electronics companies, and innovative search and discovery technology will be an important piece of that solution." said Kevin Hell, Acting Chief Executive Officer of DivX. "Veatros's assets will add powerful capabilities to our Connected platform that will allow consumers to more easily find and enjoy digital media content, and effortlessly add metadata such as cover art, director, and actors to all their video titles."

"Veatros benefited from incubating the technology with support from the Information and Telecommunication Technology Center," John Gauch, co-founder of Veatros and professor of electrical engineering and computer science (EECS), said. "We were able to focus on development and new applications for the inventions for several years while the market for our technologies developed. Now we are thrilled to work with DivX on a mature implementation."

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4 user comments

124.8.2007 7:34

DivX rocks! Anyone know if they have stocks available? I want some.

224.8.2007 7:41

I think they are just adding more weight to the anchor. I know there are a lot of people that like to compress their video using Divx for use on some portable media but other then that, why you would even solicited the Divx format. It has been a failure since it came out trying to sell its self as a rental type tool that expired within a given time period.

There are sooo many other tools to do what they are now attempting and what is the gain of using Divx? At least they are not like MAC trying to state they are the first to do this revolutionary task when many others have been doing the same thing for a long time prior, what a joke. Even my Yamaha receiver can play media from 4 of my PCs and run as a media server. I can also use Media Center or Vista Ultimate as a server and there are other programs like Cowon AudioJet and Blaze Media Pro that can play, web broadcast, and can handle multiple audio and video formats as well. Now as to a movie server the cheapest way to go these days is using a Sony DVD/CD 400 disc carousel player which works pretty well with a distribution amplifier and remote repeater. Using a PC would be very expensive for movies with hundreds of movies just due to the amount of hard drive space required and you would want to use network type drives that are designed to run 24/7. You might want to run a RAID system as well so now we are talking about a real server class system, not cheap but cool.

325.8.2007 13:42

Divx sells shares under the ticker... DIVX ;)

I have a beta connected box and the thing kicks ass. I want to see how this new tech will integrate :D

431.8.2007 14:30

Originally posted by c1c:
DivX rocks! Anyone know if they have stocks available? I want some.
I love this comment. Totally agree and if i had money i would invest :)

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