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Study shows teens don't use internet for movies

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 26 Aug 2007 18:38 User comments (11)

Study shows teens don't use internet for movies According to a study from consumer research company OTX and social networking site eCrush, teenagers don't really use the internet either to find or to download movies.
The study concluded that the majority of teens learn about the latest movies from more traditional TV ads and theatrical trailers. Only 15% get their information from entertainment web sites.

Also from the study, 27% of teen generally go to see movies the weekend they open, and nearly half go within the first two weeks.

In stark contrast to the movie industry's claims of lost revenue from piracy, teens also responded that when they miss a movie in the theater they're more likely to rent or buy it on DVD than download it illegally.

Source: Yahoo News

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11 user comments

126.8.2007 21:06

What teens are they asking?

226.8.2007 21:18

popularity of the Internet among 13- to 17-year-olds
I would think that teens in this age group would be spending their time scouring the net for porn rather than worrying about what movie is coming out this week.

326.8.2007 21:34

Interesting, although the MPAA will continue and will always blame all its losses on piracy and its gains on its "wins" in its fight against piracy.


426.8.2007 21:49

uh huh. . . im 18 and yea i still like the movies (its so big and sounds soo goooood) but yea im also a cheap bastard who dl's heaps and as far as the rent/buy goes i mite rent a movie to rip it but i dont think i would buy

527.8.2007 8:41

teens would be more inrested in dating,trolling,porn and music, moives would come last :P

627.8.2007 13:58


Well, you are out of the survey range, so they aren't concerned with how you use the Internet.

727.8.2007 18:18

Seriously where and who are these teens they are 'studying' What a load of garbage. Ive never heard of a site called Ecrush.

828.8.2007 8:04

Originally posted by c1c:
Seriously where and who are these teens they are 'studying' What a load of garbage. Ive never heard of a site called Ecrush.
These are the kids of the MPAA executives :-)
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928.8.2007 8:58

I think your right these teens live in Hollyweird and are relatives of the exec's. Although I do think kids like to go to the movies still, and they probably enjoy most of the stuff being put out. That's why Pirates of the Caribbean 30 is such a draw. As you mature hopefully you grow up enough to like something a little more sophisticated but then some just don't grow up that's why cartoons have become so popular these days. Since Hollyweird has had a record summer they are probably trying to figure out why, like they shouldn't know already, besides the big crack down on piracy has increased the box office sales everyone know that, he...he... :D

1028.8.2007 10:28

I don't think many 13- to 17-year-olds know how to download movies. Even in my College, the vast majority of D/Lers still use Limewire or the simular.

112.9.2007 13:38

The study also showed that most teens who don't see a movie they want to in the theater are more likely to rent or buy the DVD rather than download it from a file sharing site.
At last something that makes sense.

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