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Four new Blu-ray recorders coming to Japan

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 12 Sep 2007 18:09 User comments (4)

Four new Blu-ray recorders coming to Japan Sony is preparing to release four new Blu-ray recorders in Japan starting in November, including the first with the ability to record to dual-layer Blu-ray writable discs.
The recorders will not be cheap however. The lowest priced model will cost 140,000 yen ($1,227 USD) and the highest priced model will cost 200,000 yen ($1,752 USD). Sony says it plans to produce about 40,000 units per month after it goes on sale.

Although there are currently recorders on the market, and at cheaper prices, the new models are unique in that they can use all 50GB of a Blu-ray disc unlike current models which can write only to a single layer.

Sony said they would judge the market before making plans for US or European releases.


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4 user comments

113.9.2007 8:33

I might have to look into one in a couple months, hopefully they also come with a large harddrive. Would be nice to record at least 1/2 a season of F1 to one disc.

214.9.2007 10:54

In all these conversations about Blu-Ray and HD-DVD, I find it curious nobody seems to be speculating how loud their screams of horror will be the first time they burn a coaster using this kind of media. With a price around $20+ a pop, I can't imagine how angry I'd be when this occurred. When I got my first CD burner years ago, I burned dozens of coasters, before the SW/HW and me got more skilled at it. When I got my first DVD burner, the same thing happened and I must have wasted another $100+ on coasters. When I started burning DVD-DL, I again wasted a shi*load more money on coasters, before it got routine and I knew the right ways to do it. Why wouldn't we all go thru the same hell again with this hi-def media? When will we all accept that optical media is just a necessary evil, and the whole process tends to wrought with peril and hassle?

314.9.2007 17:41

The prices need to go down to 1000 and lower before it can be seen as viable.

414.9.2007 18:30

Wait till the riches or the ive got money to blow tech savey person, gets plenty of them. than itle be in the middle class range $400-$700.
Still a little pricy for a middle class American to own. then when there thinking of new format standerd it will drop into the lower portion of people witch is $0.00-$400

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