AfterDawn: Tech news to let users store and play music online

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 20 Sep 2007 12:02 User comments (5) to let users store and play music online Although still in its beta stages, is a new service that will allow iTunes users to upload their playlists directly to their account.
The new service could be ideal for music lovers who want to have a playlist uploaded and available anywhere they go as long they have a internet connection.

So far the uploading app only works on Windows and OS X with Linux users getting full support soon. The company also said that support for other media players, namely Winamp and Windows Media Player is currently in development. Also in development is support for music files other than MP3.

For the beta stages, upload is free to all users but hopes to introduce a paid service for users that upload large amounts of tracks. No cost was revealed for the time being.

Users testing the service did show concern over possible legal issues they or the service could face.

"Anywhere.FM serves as a digital locker service for users to upload their licensed music and listen to it anywhere,"
said Sachin Rekhi, co-founder. "Users are legally allowed to make personal backup copies of their songs for use with this service."

"Anywhere.FM enables sharing of music through Friend Radio in the form of non-interactive playback and complies with the rules under the statutory license for public performances,"
Rekhi said. "Anywhere.FM pays the associated royalties to SoundExchange, ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC to legally operate these radio stations."

Should be an interesting service to keep an eye on.


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5 user comments

121.9.2007 06:09

What ?

221.9.2007 11:37

Also checkout It too is in the beta stages and free currently as well. They have a new Widget for Yahoo which is slick.
Check it here:

321.9.2007 12:16

Also checkout It too is in the beta stages and free currently as well. In addition to digital locker features, you can publish your radio station using their widget. There is also an application for Facebook and they just released a slick widget for Yahoo.
Check it here:

421.9.2007 14:26

um.... use mpd over ssh... much better

528.9.2007 04:27

The legal issue that they may face is a small problem i have with this new service. How do they manage to keep your privacy of your playlist and all the infor linked in their and not to be hacked or anything. I feel security is a big issue and also if you have a huge list how long does it take you to upload the whole itunes list to your account.

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