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Porn industry slow to embrace next-gen disc formats

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 24 Sep 2007 19:31 User comments (20)

Porn industry slow to embrace next-gen disc formats Although it is widely credited with helping to bring both VHS and standard-def DVD to the mainstream, the porn industry has been surprisingly slow to embrace next-gen disc formats.
Many believed that the adult video industry would once again be a major factor in determining which of the rival formats would be victorious but so far the releases have been few and far between.

To date, DVD Empire only lists sixteen adult titles on HD DVD and a meager three for Blu-ray.

Industry analysts have put a few reasons forward as to why they believe the industry has been slow to adopt including the the fact that the discs are much more expensive to produce and that distributors are under the impression that it would be better to just leap frog the formats and focus on online content delivery of HD content.

More updates when they become available for all those interested in porn.


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20 user comments

124.9.2007 19:40

Isn't the reason because the porn stars saw what they look like in HD and they were showing stretch marks for the women and they didn't like it.

That's what I heard they were showing really really good detail and the porn stars didn't like it oh well.

224.9.2007 20:27

yeah thats what I think too. Most of these bitches look hit in HD.

324.9.2007 22:09

Grade A models will be better paid now to do these films. These women who had 3 kids can't pretend their 18 anymore : )

424.9.2007 23:01

Some things are better of in as low detail as possible. For example, through that fuzzy static blur when you're unwilling to extend your cable package, lol.

I'm just kidding. I think the whole porn industry is nothing better than prostitution. Prostitutes get paid for sex with many partners, so do porn stars. So tit for tat, I don't see the difference. I'm not gay by any means, but I do believe women should have a little bit of decency... At least whores don't always broadcast themselves over the internet... Then again, perhapes their pimps (in the porn industry known as "managers") don't allow them.

525.9.2007 7:04

Unless they make statements themselves, who knows.

I never really thought about the above comments, about the "stars" being wary of their looks in HD. Given that does make sense.

I don't think its their call though.

It might also simply be because they don't want to screw (no pun intended) the consumers in buying a future dead format. Also the savings. Also the fact that they will reach a wider audience with DVDs. Maybe they've actually done some investigation where they've concluded its not worth it to go HD until its Mainstream. I don't think many people have HD Payers with HD TVs compared to DVDs. Its just a fact.

625.9.2007 8:12

I need more porn in hd! Put it on discs that I can rent or I'll just download hd porn off the net for FREE.

HD is good for the porn industry. It means the producers will have to hire good looking girls and get rid of the ugly ones. There's too many fugly girls in porn, we need some standards!

725.9.2007 8:27

I can tell you why.

I am posting HD content to my websites but not releasing anything on DVD. HD or Bluray

The real money is online so thats where Im putting my efforts, I have shot everything in HD or HDV for the last year or so and in all honesty I dont think either HDDVD or BluRay will will be anything other than passing fads (I could be wrong) Media servers on the other hand, I know thats the way I it view it burn it to a regular dvd it interfaces with my DVR....wireless keyboard and mouse...why the hell would I spend 400-500 or more for HD Dvd or bluray

why would you?

825.9.2007 8:54

Originally posted by mikesouth:
why the hell would I spend 400-500 or more for HD Dvd or bluray?
- Blu-ray has an entry-level price of $400-$500.

HD DVD is not, nor nothing like that kind of crazy price.

HD DVD is @ $210 now and soon (in a few weeks) to be $149.

In other words HD DVD will very soon just be the price of a decent SD DVD player
(which, being based on the latest gen 3 machines is exactly what they will be as well as being good HD DVD players).
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925.9.2007 9:05

Not even $200 players can save HD porn if the prices they charge for their discs stay the same. Come on, not even Jesse Jane can justify the Pirates HD DVD price of $44.95.

1025.9.2007 10:16

Not a big fan of jesse jane but I get what your saying.

1125.9.2007 12:14

Pirates was awful. Island Fever is beautiful, but still not worth the price. The stupid low resolution Tera Patrick clip came from somewhere else. Why was it included in Island Fever, it wasn't even shot in the same location.

1225.9.2007 21:17

Why spend millions and millions on a new format when DVD sales are selling just fine? Why make the jump? Right now only the major studios can afford to go HD your Vivids your wickeds etc. Plus Hugh def porn Im not so sure I need that kind of def in my porn Do you?

1326.9.2007 5:40

Originally posted by justme81:
Plus Hugh def porn Im not so sure I need that kind of def in my porn Do you?

Personally I could care less either way about the porno prices, clearly they're (as is common with many new products offering new features) looking to grab a 'premium' from early adopters.

My comment was about the implication that HD DVD players were $400- $500 when they are less than half that.

.....but I do find this comment interesting (that some people want or prefer their porno 'unreal' or 'smoothed over' with a low res set of images).
If you think about it there's actually something not quite right about that
(and taken a little further it's rather worrying IMO).
Give me real women over the ridiculous fake airbrushed fantasy any day.

When porno used to only available on movie film it was to a far higher res than even high def disc.

1426.9.2007 8:22

I want my porn as realistic and stunningly sharp as possible, just like with other HD hollywood movies.

1526.9.2007 14:08

Originally posted by BludRayne:
I want my porn as realistic and stunningly sharp as possible, just like with other HD hollywood movies.
You may not be alone in your view on HD and porn but your not the majority and I can understand why people don't want to see every detail in HD content; might be a real turn off.

1627.9.2007 21:31

I've seen 1080p pr0n :O

1728.9.2007 18:30

Well they have to look at what is more cost effective for their industry they will make the leap but only when they find it is most viable.

1828.9.2007 21:31

Porn is Porn. It's supposed to look cheap and grainy. A porn film in HD and/or and plot feels like a bad mainstream movie with lots of sex to help it sell.

1929.9.2007 3:28

haha ive seen some hd porn most out theres only 720p but there is a few in 1080i and P

actually i think there them making hd porn is not such a problem, yes you will need models that dont have nasty stretch marks and makeup want cover up the world of evils it used. But i think the main problem facing the industry is two fold.

1. most production companies are relativly small compaired with that of say a TV production team or a larger holiwood movie team, due to this the amount of tech they can afford to purchase is limited.

2. I think they feel the format war needs to be won, they are going to let the movie industry fight it out and then they all will migrate to the chose format.

Simple fact is HD means a complete rebuy, new editing software hardware cameras, disc production systems and so on.

I would expect the porn industry to explode into HD as soon as most people can play it, at the moment, there are few people with hd screens, even less of those which something hooked up which does a hd output.

So realistically i think two years is probably enough time for :

1. the format war to end (god help us all)
2. hd screens/players to be in say 50% of homes if not more, currently i would guess the figure at maybe under 15% in the uk.

The unrelated outsider to all this is DVB replacing analogue broadcast, although this is unrealated, it will mean people are going to repurchase screens.

2011.11.2007 15:57

IT's about the money. Disc are already past. It's simply cheaper and easier to broadcast and sell over internet.

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