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Burns' Purple Violets becomes first movie to premiere on iTunes

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 27 Oct 2007 0:54 User comments (2)

Burns' Purple Violets becomes first movie to premiere on iTunes Writer/director Ed Burns will be trying out a new distribution channel for his new movie Purple Violets. Instead of theaters, the movie will be available exclusively from iTunes for a month, after which distribution will be opened for other services. The movie will cost $14.99 from iTunes.
"The specialized movie business has changed so dramatically in the last five years," Burns said. "My style of filmmaking is dying on the vine. These small, talky movies have a hard time finding an audience theatrically, so you need to adapt. There are still people who want to see this nontraditional type of film, and now there are nontraditional ways to get them out there."

The availability of download services like iTunes brings new possibilities for both established and up and coming film makers to distribute video to a wide audience without going through a major studio. Combined with CSS support on recordables, this could become a viable method for film distribution.

Source: Yahoo News

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2 user comments

127.10.2007 12:48

interesting mode of distribution: reduce the cost of distributing, sell a downloaded- most probably lower rez video for retail price, and a movie that no one has even seen yet to boot.

I think most people who BUY movies probably have seen them first and then because they liked them decided to buy them.

Also there IS ALREADY a mode of distributing movies that are not 'threater type' flicks. It'c called DIRECT TO DVD and has made many film makers and studios LOTS of money. Not to mention allowing consumers a change to SEE the film before deciding to buy it.

However for $15 which is less than the cost of two movie tickets in lots of places not really a bad 'deal' if one can stand then difference between the price of two tickets for watching on a pc screen or tv instead of the theater.

21.11.2007 3:20

I like Ed Burns movies they are intellegent and witty and i love side walks of new york it was great viewing. I am all for movies like this heading to itunes.

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