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CinemaNow will offer CSS encrypted burning for movie downloads

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 07 Nov 2007 10:19 User comments (5)

CinemaNow will offer CSS encrypted burning for movie downloads CinemaNow has licensed Sonic's new Qflix software, which will allow movies downloaded from the online video service to be burned with CSS encryption on home computers. CinemaNow hopes to have CSS encrypted burning available some time in the second quarter of 2008. Some CinemaNow titles to be burned to DVD using a copy protection system based on fluxDVD (aka RatDVD). However, since not all standalone DVD players can play fluxDVD protected content, the standard hasn't been widely adopted by content owners.
“Our strategy over the past year has been to stop beating our heads against the wall on delivering content to the PC and to concentrate on embedding CinemaNow into as many devices and platforms as possible,” Marvis said. “We’re trying to build an ingredient brand, where CinemaNow is an embedded ingredient to how people access entertainment, whether in the home or on a portable device.”

“The online video distribution industry will get a massive shot in the arm with the ability to burn downloaded video to DVD with the same protection and ubiquitous playability of packaged DVDs,” Sonic Solutions senior VP Jim Taylor said. “We are confident that our partnership with CinemaNow will fuel the burn-to-DVD business and provide content owners with a new, valuable distribution platform.”

There are still a couple of major obstacles the two companies will need to get past before customers can start burning DVDs with CSS. The first is the software required, which hasn't been sold to a single consumer yet. Sonic and CinemaNow representatives are currently working to convince OEMs to distribute the software with their drives.

The last obstacle will be studio support, although since this really started with studios looking for new distribution models it seems unlikely they would oppose it. Besides online video services, Qflix is expected to be used for burning kiosks that are expected to revolutionize DVD sales in locations where DVDs aren't related to a store's core business (like grocery stores or airports).

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5 user comments

17.11.2007 17:33

so do you get the extra features? or do you get a film on a blank dvd 5? whats the point of blockbuster then?... do i get a box? the box seems to be the most important thing to people who dont p2p it, it all sounds shite. like xbox live.... damn i want to see that but i dont have $10 on me right now... wait you have my credit card number? sweeeeet

27.11.2007 17:33

double post

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38.11.2007 21:20

I dont get what ur saying, but its all ok.

412.11.2007 1:28

God, why even bother?

526.11.2007 22:00

Originally posted by maitland:
God, why even bother?
I tend to agree seeing how people do buy the rights to purchase and copy these movies they do not need to add this to the whole product they could make this optional for the consumer.

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