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FSF creates fund to provide tech expertise to fight RIAA

Written by Rich Fiscus @ 19 Nov 2007 4:23 User comments (10)

FSF creates fund to provide tech expertise to fight RIAA The Free Software Foundation (FSF) has created an expert witness fund to help the targets of RIAA lawsuits defend themselves. While the RIAA's filings include expert witness testimony, their witnesses haven't held up well to scrutiny.
If defense lawyers can effectively cast doubt on the plaintiffs' experts' claims, presumably access to experts of their own would be even more helpful in many cases. The FSF is asking for donations for the fund to "provide computer expert witnesses to combat RIAA's ongoing lawsuits, and to defend against the RIAA's attempt to redefine copyright law."

The guidelines to receive money from the fund take three primary factors into account:

  • The importance of the case to critical legal issues. The demonstrated commitment of the defendant, and/or of the defendant's attorney if the defendant has an attorney, to seeing his or her case through to conclusion, and to fighting for important legal issues. The facts and circumstances of the particular case.
  • The level of investment made by the defendant, and/or by the defendant's attorney if the defendant has an attorney, in time, money, and labor, in defending the case. The legal posture of the case. The need for assistance. The need for technical expertise in the case.
  • The quality and commitment of technical expertise which may have been contributed to the case. The competing needs of other cases.

"It's a way the tech community can help these RIAA victims," said New York Lawyer Ray Beckerman. Beckerman, who operates the blog Recording Industry vs The People, will help decide who will receive money.

Source: Wired

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10 user comments

120.11.2007 09:51

Good idea. The more funds to go against the RIAA the better. I would love to logon to one day to read an article titled "RIAA declares bankruptcy"

220.11.2007 10:11

I will support this. I would definitely jump in to fight them and the other companies that are just like them.

320.11.2007 11:04

This is a great cause. I hope they get a lot support.

420.11.2007 12:09

My Paypal account is ready!

520.11.2007 12:35

I'm on board, supportive, and ready to hopefully see the beginning of the end of RIAA.

620.11.2007 14:31

Meh, it is a worthy cause but in the end will be futile. As long as major labels exist and artists agree to sign the dotted line, grandmothers, dead people, even infants will be sued for $200,000 + a snickers bar for downloading a song.

720.11.2007 15:33

Additional.. a news story without links is not much use.

It's about time the FSF did something other than blather on about freedom. If you want to get involved then do so.. I think more pressure can be put on these restrictive media giants by blogging and direct political action (use your vote and be vocal about why) than in the (bought off by vested interests) courts.

Remember how the dcma makes it illegal to attempt to break encryption? Does that also apply to governments spying on enemies encrypted communications?? Don't think so......

822.11.2007 10:49

The battle with RIAA

My fellow piraters , the time has come to fight with RIAA , may all of us unite and fight against them

924.11.2007 21:32

Why don't these AD articles include direct links to the subject of the article?

WHERE DO I DONATE????????????????????

1019.12.2007 18:18

Another chapter in the never ending battle between good vs evil. You just have to choose who is good and evil for you.

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