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New PlayStation store wont kill off UMD, says Sony

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 21 Nov 2007 4:27 User comments (5)

New PlayStation store wont kill off UMD, says Sony According to head of online marketing for Sony Europe Darren Cairns, the new PlayStation Store for PC will not kill of the Sony-created Universal Media Disc (UMD) format.
"The UMD business is still good for us and our publishers. It's still a burgeoning market, and we're still selling a large number of PSPs on a weekly basis, so there are a large number of new people coming into the market."

By using the PC store and cutting out production and retail costs, Sony has the potential to offer their game titles at a lower price, but it does not seem the company has any plans for that anytime soon.

"I don't think that this would give us any cause for concern over UMD, I think they sit very well together. When you talk about the more casual games, pick-up-and-play games, you would definitely want to put them through the Store rather than have disc production, in to retail, and so on,"
Cairns added.

When asked if the Store could possibly begin offering video and music tracks for download, Cairns argued that the focus was on games not on general entertainment media.

"The PC Store is very much targeted at getting lots of really good game content at the start for the millions of PSP users that we've got. Longer term, the PlayStation Store is predominantly for game content for day one and we're working on the plans to build that out after.

"For us being able to deploy and push additional content, whether it's an additional Overlay for a GPS or whatever, it's important going forward. But what we wanted to do was really establish the PlayStation Store on the PC, as it is already on the PS3."


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5 user comments

122.11.2007 08:14

UDM is a ok format for games but when the PSP final dies they need to move to a better less...restrictive format...

222.11.2007 14:58

The UMD isn't all too bad...could have faster loading times, though.

322.11.2007 16:52

Didnt know you could kill something already dead??

422.11.2007 16:56

Originally posted by lecsiy:
Didnt know you could kill something already dead??
the PSP lives yet..I don't know how but it still lives, UDM could ave been a solid mini moive format if they would have halved prices and or jsut put basic film discs in with normal movies and sold collectors sets for 23 a pop, becuse sony refused to change its pricing schemes UDM failed.

519.12.2007 19:22

UMD will always be on the outer seeing how the old format is being taken over by the new disc HD DVD and Blu-Ray formats and all.

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