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RealNetworks and Analog Devices team for PMP video

Written by James Delahunty @ 24 Nov 2007 3:31 User comments (2)

RealNetworks and Analog Devices team for PMP video RealNetworks is working with Analog Devices (ADI) to provide the latest generation of Personal Media Players featuring full D1 broadcast resolution playback of RealVideo and RealAudio media files. This fall Chinese market leader Aigo introduced two models, the Aigo E898 and F965R, that feature support of RealVideo, RealAudio and the RMVB formats running on a Blackfin processor.
Aigo credits the Blackfin with shortening time to market and reducing the risk in product design, since the inherent programmability of Blackfin allows for rapid development cycles. The combined efficiency of the RealVideo format and the performance of the Blackfin processor deliver a high-quality level of video playback traditionally not found in personal media players.

"RealPlayer is the leading media player in the Chinese market and the RealVideo format is the preferred digital media format. We are excited that the Blackfin embedded processor supports high quality and stable decoding of RealVideo and RMVB media at a full D1 broadcast resolution and 16M colors. We are pleased that Aigo has continued to extend its line of PMP devices to support RealVideo and RMVB files by leveraging the Blackfin processor from ADI," Martin Schwarz, assistant vice president of format for RealNetworks, commented.

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2 user comments

11.12.2007 14:36

Blackfin is a really cool processor. I have a Korg MR1 1-bit (DSD) audio recorder (which also features the Blackfin); and it works very nicely and is super stable... A little rough on the battery life, though I'm not sure if that is the fault of the processor or something else.

220.12.2007 06:00

This is a great software application for your multimedia needs.

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