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"Moviestar" Flash player will have streaming HD video support

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 07 Dec 2007 17:22 User comments (5)

"Moviestar" Flash player will have streaming HD video support The final build of Adobe Flash Player 9 Update 3, also dubbed "Moviestar", has finally been released, adding streaming high-definition video support.
Flash, the dominant delivery method for Web video for years now, is actually adding support for the H.264 video Codec, one of the standard encoding choices for Blu-ray and HD DVD movies. For audio, Flash will now support High Efficiency AAC.

Another new feature is that "Adobe has enabled the hardware acceleration mode of many graphics cards, when going to full-screen mode." Previous versions relied on software acceleration and therefore the player's ability to scale a video in the best quality possible was hindered.

Online video startup Hulu will be the first partner to offer Flash video in high-definition although its HD library is small at the moment.


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5 user comments

17.12.2007 22:59

I'm sure we can expect to see the Linux release in 6 months while content moves forward, those of us who don't use ***dows or a Mac are quite fucked.

29.12.2007 19:26

i like this a--hole--lot

310.12.2007 1:42

Adobe launched the new version days ago......

410.12.2007 15:46

Heey Does that also include Linux and Mac...Is there any special version on windows for the HD Streaming???

523.12.2007 18:55

A nice update.

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