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CES 2008: Pricey Marantz Blu-ray player coming in the spring

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 12 Jan 2008 19:12 User comments (8)

CES 2008: Pricey Marantz Blu-ray player coming in the spring First unveiled in August at the CEDIA event, the "ultimate quality" Marantz branded Blu-ray player finally has a price tag and a release date.
After a couple of manufacturing delays, the player will sell for $2100 USD, and is due to hit retail shelves sometime during the Q2 2008.

So why is this player available at a 400 percent premium over the average player? According to Marantz the player (Profile 1.1 compliant), "features full 1080p output and decoding for all current high-resolution audio formats, including Dolby TrueHD, DTS HD Lossless Master Audio and uncompressed PCM, outputting both 7.1-channel analog signals and PCM audio via HDMI."

More importantly, the player will include the Realta HQV video processor, which "allows for advanced video clean-up of even the best high-def signals."

Worth $2100? Lets see how the consumer responds.

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8 user comments

112.1.2008 19:34

did I read that price right?!?why not make it BD-Live for $2499 while they're at it?1?
anyone here have this purchase planned for the near future??

212.1.2008 20:01

The Realta HQV processing alone makes it worth the price. The Realta is an upgrade to the Reon chip and is found in Denon's flagship DVD player the 5910CI - which BTW costs $3,800.

313.1.2008 0:40

Holy crap!

413.1.2008 1:23

well dont expect any price drops in the near future. this is made for the upscale rich folks. for that price they should have made it 2.0, not just 1.0 compliant.

513.1.2008 5:02

yeah i think i will pass... I maybe i will use one of my 5.25" in my computer.. and pay about $200.. Or wait even longer and pay $100 =). Im the type who dont like having tons of remotes on the table so htpc it is for me.

613.1.2008 16:25

(and now it starts)and if you were an early adopter you get compatabilty issues
thats blu ray and its enlarged middle finger too you all ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ah aha ha ah ah aha ha ha ah aha ah aha aha ah aha ah aha ah aha ha aha h aha ah aha ha ha ah.

713.1.2008 16:29

ps3 ps3 ps3 ps3

826.1.2008 5:54

Worth $2100? Lets see how the consumer responds.
This sums up my sentiments quite nicely.

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