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NBC Universal streams vintage TV from network websites

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 23 Feb 2008 23:02 User comments (3)

NBC Universal streams vintage TV from network websites We reported yesterday that CBS will be making older TV series avaiable for streaming online. At the same time, NBC Universal is making a similar, but somewhat bigger move. While CBS appears to simply be looking through their vaults to find the most marketable titles for a general audience, NBC is taking a slightly different tack.
Not only are NBC's selection more varied than those offered by CBS, they're also spread across websites for a number of different channels they own. The sites for NBC, the Sci Fi Channel, Chiller, and the Sleuth Channel are all getting shows ranging from The "A-Team" and "Miami Vice" to "Kojak" and "Night Gallery." Each channel's site will offer a different selection based on its programming.

Here's the reported lineup for each website. As with most full TV shows offered for streaming from a major network they're free, but require yot to watch a short advertisement. "The A-Team"; "Emergency"; "Night Gallery"; "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour"; "Miami Vice"; "Battlestar Galactica" (1978); and "Buck Rogers." "Battlestar Galactica" (1978); "Buck Rogers"; "TekWar"; and "Night Gallery." "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour"; "Swamp Thing"; "Tremors"; "Crow"; and "Night Gallery." "Kojak"; "Miami Vice"; "Simon & Simon"; "A-Team"; and "Night Gallery."

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3 user comments

124.2.2008 13:46

"If you need help, you need the A-Team." What a classic, Mr T. pity's the fools that mess with him. Online tv watching is a good little thing when nothing is on the regular tube.

226.2.2008 12:16

I wouldn't mind a short advertisement if I was able to see Buck Rogers again for free!

318.4.2008 2:49

A move in the right direction in my book.

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