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New Starz internet video service available to Verizon broadband customers

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 27 May 2008 17:35 User comments (3)

New Starz internet video service available to Verizon broadband customers Verizon has begun offering subscribers a new video download service from Starz Entertainment. Called Starz Play, it offers unlimited movie downloads, as well as access to live streams from the various Starz and Encore cable channels. The service costs $5.99 per month.
In addition to the new service, Starz Entertainment also owns Vongo, a movie download service that offers unlimited downloads for $9.99 a month. Unlike Starz Play, however, Vongo doesn't include content from the company's cable channels.

While the deal with Verizon is the first time Starz has sold movie downloads as a wholesaler, it likely won't be the last. The company reportedly sees this sort of arrangement as the future of internet movie distribution.

Given the challenges that companies trying to turn a profit in the marketplace face it's anyone's guess whether this is true, but unlike other companies they appear to be establishing some kind of regular revenue stream. That's something their competition would do well to pay attention to.

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3 user comments

127.5.2008 20:05

Unlimited movie downloads for $5.99 a month. Movies any good ? Or is it really a basic cable service as AMC ?

227.5.2008 20:09

Does the $5.99 per month cover data usage too? Somehow i doubt it.

328.5.2008 12:07

Setting themselves up nicely with FIOS. Bandwidth won't be an issue. No cable company bandwidth packages or throtteling. I see a ray of light....

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