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Time Warner set to bring Internet video content to home TVs

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 31 May 2008 17:57 User comments (5)

Time Warner set to bring Internet video content to home TVs Although it has previously disclosed it displeasure with the fact that broadcasters have been making their shows available on the Internet for free, it seems the company is doing an about-face on the matter and is looking to gain market share.
Time Warner has announced that it will be releasing a wireless modem device that "will make streaming internet video content on ones TV much easier." The wireless modem will supposedly link all the devices in a person's home.

There was no timeframe for the device's release but the company did say it would probably be 15 months or so until it became popular.

Time Warner would have to compete in the steadily growing market for set top boxes, which is now led by Apple and Netflix.

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5 user comments

131.5.2008 21:28

Not that I know many people who have set top boxes anyway. Actually, i don't know any people who have set top boxes at home, or anywhere else for that matter.

231.5.2008 21:47

Wouldn't it be easier/cheaper to buy a video card with extra outputs and connect that to your tv?

32.6.2008 15:45

yeah but this is the same company that brought AOL and decided that bluray was better so what do u expect.

43.6.2008 21:07

Free? About face? No! This is the company that wants to put a cap on the amount of GBs one can download a month.

No thanks TW. I'll stick to my DSL and DirectTV.

51.12.2012 4:07
Unverified new user

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