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Radiohead agrees to let iTunes sell individual tracks from EMI years

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 04 Jun 2008 23:49 User comments (2)

Radiohead agrees to let iTunes sell individual tracks from EMI years Despite Radiohead's recent experiment with a new online distribution model for their album 'In Rainbows' and embrace of DRM-free music, they've remained one of the last holdouts when it comes to selling individual tracks instead of full albums. In fact they were so adamant about it that EMI hadn't been allowed to sell their back catalog through iTunes because the service requires that consumers be given the choice to purchase every track individually.
With the recent success of the tracks from 'In Rainbows' on iTunes the band's stance has apparently changed. On Tuesday the songs from all of the band's EMI releases were offered on iTunes for the first time as DRM-free files.

Based on numbers from Nielsen Soundscan, 106,000 digital copies of 'In Rainbows' have been sold in the US through online retailers like and Meanwhile 178,000 individual songs from the release have been sold. By comparison CDs have accounted for about 420,000 copies.

The newly available material includes the band's first six studio albums released between 1993 and 2003.

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2 user comments

15.6.2008 0:11

Well individual tracks make it harder on the artist. Write a bomb and it shows, write a hit and watch the money roll in. Of course it will be a trickle by the time the band actually sees any money.

25.6.2008 15:27

I liked that radiohead wanted to do things their own way but of coarse money can change anyones mind.

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