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Record labels sue P2P pioneer for $20 million USD

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 08 Jun 2008 2:58 User comments (7)

Record labels sue P2P pioneer for $20 million USD MP2P Techonologies has announced that they were recently served with a lawsuit by the Spanish branches of the Big 4 labels. Warner Music Spain, Universal Music Spain, EMI music Spain and Sony BMG Music along with the Spanish branch of the IFPI, the Promusicae, are seeking $20 million USD in damages for what they call "unfair competition."
"We intend to vigorously defend ourselves against this shake down attempt by the major label cabal," said Pablo Soto, founder and CEO of MP2P Technologies. "Rather than embracing technology, they have chosen a path that will ultimately lead to their own demise, as evidenced by the label's consistent decline over the past decade. Litigation is in itself not a valid business model for them, however, it has been a dogged and futile pursuit of theirs since the advent of P2P."

"PROMUSICAE (Spanish branch of the IFPI; international arm of the RIAA) tried to proceed with civil suits against users of P2P networks in Spain and, after being halted by the Court of Justice of the EU, it has now decided to go against a neutral communication tool such as P2P technology,"
added Soto.

Soto, for his part, is known internationally as a P2P pioneer among the ranks of Justin Frankel (creater of Gnutella) and Shawn Fanning (creator of the original Napster).

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7 user comments

18.6.2008 8:51

Man, I darn near fell off the chair laffing this morning when I read that MP2P is being sued by the BIG FOUR for "UNFAIR COMPETITION?!" Now that's a first and it shows just how desparate these goofs are getting. The EU Courts told them to get lost, the spanish courts did the same so now they're going after the "FOUNDER OF P2P". When are these boneheads gonna realize that the only people they're hurting is themselves. Their refusal to embrace change is the problem not the file sharing, that's just an convenient excuse to try and stifle sharing. Look at the stunt the RIAA is trying to pull by trying to have ALL file sharing of any type declared illegal. If this one goes thru, you won't be able to send court documents via fax or email, job postings or resumes or even files and proposals that are being examined for business matters and why because those morons claim that it is not right. Well, to me what is not right is them and their campign to try and stop progress. So to Cary Sharman of the RIAA, THE MPAA and others to you I say, "WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE, YOUR DAY IS OVER!! IT'S TIME TO FISH OR CUT BAIT."

28.6.2008 12:36

hi, i've never heard of this MP2P before, so i went and did a little google, and found this manolito software, is it really worth trying?

39.6.2008 3:31

"unfair competition."
doesn't that just mean "another, better choice for artists and consumers"?

see now, why is this not on the mainstream news? the RIAA (ifpi,bpi, yada) wants to sue and probably ban p2p so they can try to reclaim the distribution platform and control ALL media, again. sorry, Sony, EMI, Warner & Universal we are not blind by your anti consumer, anti society tactics any more and ppl have a choice and the choice is to bypass you i'm afraid, you no longer hold the monopoly on distribution!

doesn't anyone else have alarm bells ringing?

the answer is simple, boycott all the companies trying to lock ppl out:

Boycott; Sony
Boycott, Warner
Boycott, EMI
Boycott, Universal

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49.6.2008 4:48

I don't understand how they can be so stupid.

They got the finger twice already, an how can a file transfer protocol be illegal? It isn't the protocol itself that is doing anything wrong, it is the uses certain people put it to that may be (unless you live in Italy where sharing a reduced quality song is NOT illegal)

I'm waiting to see them running with their tail between their legs yet again, and I hope whatever judge awards against them and charges them with pointless and malicious litigation. That would be so funny.. until that day when these fat greedy lazy companies are finally destroyed..

the answer is simple, boycott all the companies trying to lock ppl out:

Boycott; Sony
Boycott, Warner
Boycott, EMI
Boycott, Universal

59.6.2008 9:59

Next thing we will find is that they are trying to sue the founders
of the internet. This is the VCR all over again. These organizations are incapable of actually doing anything productive. All they know how to do is sue. They need to have a "stupidity law" that punishes such people. There should also be a "leech" law to stop all these organizations from leeching off of others. Leeches usually live in a swamp and wait around for blood to suck on. This is an exact comparison to there organizations. MPAA, RIAA and the likes should try and do something productive for a change rather than sucking the life out of technological advancement.

69.6.2008 13:49

It's almost laughable.

Or stupid.

79.6.2008 14:03

Originally posted by 7thsinger:
It's almost laughable.

Or stupid.

I'd go with stupid.

"The flimsier the product,the higher the price"
Ferengi 82nd rule of aqusition

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