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TidalTV brings look and feel of TV to your web browser

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 18 Jun 2008 20:16 User comments (2)

TidalTV brings look and feel of TV to your web browser One of the biggest barriers to success for online TV services is that they don't really feel like TV. They might have TV shows, and even TV commercials, but that's pretty much where the similarity ends. That was true until today anyway. Now there's a new service in beta called TidalTV, and it has an interface that's remarkably TV-like.
Featuring an on-screen program guide and even on-demand programming, TidalTV should be easy to use for anybody who's used to standard cable or satellite TV. It doesn't even have a client to download and install. Just load the website and start watching programs from CBS, The Food Network, or The National Geographic channel among others.

Scott Ferber, chairman and founder of TidalTV, said, "What we love about TV is being able to ask it to entertain, educate and inform us just by sitting down and clicking through channels. TidalTV wants to provide that same potential online - for everyone from the techno-savvy Internet junkie to the novice computer user. We want to deliver the comfort, ease of use and simplicity of TV, while offering all of the control and selection that we are accustomed to on the Web. It's the best of both worlds!"

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2 user comments

119.6.2008 13:12

They'll make a billion dollars with this simple idea, IF they stick to their mission statement.

219.6.2008 21:58


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