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NVIDIA teams with Mistubishi to develop 3-D for home theater

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 23 Jun 2008 13:30 User comments (5)

NVIDIA teams with Mistubishi to develop 3-D for home theater Following recent interest in 3-D movies on digital cinema screens, Mitsubishi is partnering with NVIDIA and Aspen Media Products to bring 3-D home video to the living room.
"NVIDIA is extremely excited about its new relationship with Mitsubishi and Aspen Media Products, and is fully committed to bringing 3D technology to the home entertainment market," said Ujesh Desai, general manager, NVIDIA Corporation. "This is an unparalleled industry first, and we are proud to play a key role in providing a complete 3D home entertainment solution to the consumer."

Presumably the partnership will combine displays from Mitsubishi with 3-D capabilities already offered in current generation GeForce GPUs. Mitsubishi already makes HDTVs that are capable of displaying the stereoscopic images required by this technology.

Aspen Media Products is no doubt included for their experience integrating computers and consumer electronics. Many of their existing products rely on either Linux or Windows for everything from media servers to home automation.

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5 user comments

123.6.2008 15:26

Sounds exciting. I can't wait to see what they come up with.

224.6.2008 14:39

hmm i take it the 3D will be in HDTV?

328.6.2008 7:49

I was once in france and in this big hypermarket thing they had a tv which was demonstrating a product (you all know the ones i mean), it was about a 40" screen approx but the demo was in 3D, it felt wierd to look at it cos your eyes where effectively viewing 2 slightly different images, and as you moved sideways it did look like you where seeing around the side of the thing in the middle of the screen, it did actually look like it was coming out the screen (similar to the polorized screens where you need 3D glasses to see it), it looked really cool so I will be interested to see what nVidia and Mitsubishi come up with.

1 other thing tho, the production costs to make 3D movies and stuff will be higher cos they need about 5 or more cameras in an arche shape to make it look 3D.

428.9.2008 18:15

Just back from CEDIA 2008 in Denver. I saw some great systems and media servers this year. My plan was to check all the great Home Automation systems this year and see what Microsoft was doing with Vista Media Center.

Well I got lucky and was directed to checkout Aspen Media Products by their 3D partner Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi was demonstrating their 73" DLP 3D TV. Aspen provided the media server that pushed both the 3D movie and 3D gaming capability.

I visited their booth at the show, and was shocked by what they had to offer. Aspen Media Products not only provided 3D capable media servers, but they also provided full whole home automation and complete digital media management through their product lines using Vista Media Center.

I met with Tony Ross their COO, and was led through a complete Home Automation product demo and an another amazing 3D demo again. Tony stated, "We have combined leading edge technology with what our customers in the CEDIA channel have been demanding into an affordable and reliable media server... Our goal is to build a quality product that the masses of Middle America can afford."

The surprising thing was, that Aspen not only made some nice looking boxes, but the internal specs of all their products were the best I ran across during the show. The systems were also priced at unbelievable price point for everything they delivered when compared to their competition.

I did checkout Crestron and AMX you made some awesome held remotes. They poured a ton money into their CEDIA booths this year as always.

Signing off...

529.9.2008 21:14

The systems were also priced at unbelievable price point for everything they delivered when compared to their competition.
Could I get a translation of this into dollars and cents ?

The IFPI Are: The same anti consumer lot as listed above!

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