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New app turns iPhone into remote for Multiroom Music System

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 04 Nov 2008 14:33 User comments (4)

New app turns iPhone into remote for Multiroom Music System Sonos, maker of networked music players, has introduced a free iPhone application for controlling their multiroom audio system. It allows the iPhone to emulate a proprietary remote, the Sonos CR100 Controller, which sells for $399.
The Sonos MultiRoom Music System can be used to play music from any networked computer in your house. It also interfaces directly with several music download and subscription services, as well as recently introduced support for free internet radio services.

Even though it seems you no longer need the remote, it appears that you'll still have to buy one with each ZonePlayer. Both the ZonePlayer90, which outputs a line level signal to feed other audio equipment, and the ZonePlayer120, outputting directly to speakers, are only sold with the controller. They cost $349 and $499 respectively.

Perhaps more interesting than the ability to control Sonos systems is the idea of programming smartphones to be advanced remotes. Arguably one of the biggest problems various mobile computing products, from PDAs to ultra mobile PCs, have had is their inability to perform tasks normally associated with desktops or laptops.

Now many companies are starting to zero in on things more suited for their size. A prime example is providing an interface with the increasing number of household appliances connected to the network and internet.

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4 user comments

14.11.2008 15:16

big deal. my psp can do the same thing.

25.11.2008 7:55

Ditto on the who cares. They have had devices to things like this for 50 years. All were more reasonale than this boon-doggle. Who would pay the R&D for such a worthless idea that has so much competition? Well, you can never tell about "Apple Moonies". Maybe they will make lots of money.

36.11.2008 4:24

dp, sorry.

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46.11.2008 4:25

Any word on if this works for the Touch as well?

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