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DSi sales in Japan top 500,000 for the month

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 02 Dec 2008 16:35 User comments (2)

DSi sales in Japan top 500,000 for the month According to recent data from Enterbrain, Nintendo's latest handheld, the DSi, sold 535,379 units in Japan for the month of November, its first full month of sales.
The handhelds' predecessor, the DS Lite, sold 550,000 units in its first month.

Overall, Nintendo's star performing console has sold just under 25 million units to date.

The handheld will not be reaching Europe or North America until at least April however, with Nintendo hoping the DS Lite will sell well during the holidays.

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2 user comments

12.12.2008 20:23

nintendo greedy bastards...thats like finding a cure for a disease but let people spend a few more millions on painkillers before releasing it! sure couple of unknowing moms/dads will buy the crappy lite for their kids cause they dunno a new model will b availible in a few months but every gamer worth his salt would stay away from the stupid lite..same sh*t they pulling with the Wii: "we intend to upgrade the Wii to a fully functional entertainment system but only after the hype of the current model will b over-about year 2011"
translation anyone? "when u stop being intrested in the old disfunctional model we will give you the real thing"
god if only these articles were on the news now in holiday season so people will know what sh*t not to buy and when a godam boycott is in order

28.12.2008 18:41

What are you really getting for an extra $40? Not a whole lot IMO.

If it had bluetooth, that would be a real reason to purchase this.

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