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Digital music sales to increase heavily by 2013, says firm

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 02 Dec 2008 20:08 User comments (5)

Digital music sales to increase heavily by 2013, says firm According to a new report from Forrester Research, digital music sales currently account for just over 18 percent of the US music market but that figure should grow exponentially to about 41 percent by 2013.
The report, "U.S. Music Forecast, 2008 to 2013" also expects that 55 percent of US online consumers will pay to download at least one track in 2013.

Forrester did say however that digital music growth will not compensate for the steep decline in CD sales and that the total market will shrink to under $10 billion USD in 5 years. At its peak, in 1999, the market totaled $14 billion.

Perhaps more notably, the report found that digital music consumers are moving as much as 60 percent of their music budgets to digital and away from CDs and other physical media.

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5 user comments

12.12.2008 22:13

Yea until the newbs figure out you don't have to pay.

23.12.2008 1:07

Originally posted by 51area:
Yea until the newbs figure out you don't have to pay.
iTunes has them all brainwashed

of course it doesn't take much... some of these are the people who pay for fake anti-virus software online to get their malware popups to go away...

33.12.2008 9:30

Who are these companies or 'firms' that sink countless dollars into useless research and predictions?
I think anyone who is online or had half a brain could predict that digital downloads will overtake CD's.

Here's another one that I will do to save some money: I predict that sometime in the no-too-distant-future (let's just say 2013 for kicks) Blu-ray media will overtake DVD as the choice medium for movies.

And hell, sometime after that, digital downloads and streaming video will overtake Blu-ray.

I will take my huge payment for generating such predictions now.

43.12.2008 13:03


These guys are about 10 yrs too late. Or maybe 20 yrs. How old is Usenet? How old is P2P?


58.12.2008 15:51

Nope the RIAA has ruined any chance of selling anything after suing a teenager in the hospital almost on her death bed. When ever the most honest do goodie good preacher hears of this they'll go WinMx or utorrent and use torrents from btjunkie.

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