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French legisators ready 3 strikes legislation for final vote

Written by Rich Fiscus @ 24 Feb 2009 12:05 User comments (6)

French legisators ready 3 strikes legislation for final vote France's 3 strikes law for P2P copyright infringers may be close to passage in the Fench National Assembly. Lawmakers are currently working on a final draft that should be ready for a vote some time next month according to a story from Intellectual Property Watch.
First proposed by President Nicholas Sarkozy in November of 2007, it would create a new government agency where copyright holders could take infringement claims. That agency would send written warnings for the first two offenses, followed by an order to terminate internet service on the third.

While certainly better than recording industry proposals, which have generally left any governmental controls out of the equation, this law would still raise serious legal issues. Perhaps the biggest is how such a decision can be reached with no judicial oversight.

In addition there are questions about whether internet service should be classified as a necessity, which would make it unlikely such a law would pass legal muster.

And of course there's the fact that even identifying the subscriber a particular IP address was assigned to at a spcific time is unreliable at best.

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6 user comments

124.2.2009 15:25

Cue politicians son/daughter getting their internet shut off and this whole thing falling apart in 3..2..

Of course that would never happen as I'm sure the "agency" would have a list of exempt IPs.

225.2.2009 03:37

So you have some inept corporation (with it's own agenda, looking after its' own interests), deciding who can and who can't do what. If this passes, there won't really be a limit for what their money can take from citizens.

325.2.2009 05:13

Mon dieu

426.2.2009 17:35

sucks to be french or living in france if this passes..

527.2.2009 13:59

blueroad, expect this where ever you live. Thr RIAA is now fixated no changing laws. Once changed they can forget about that country. They will police for them. I think I know of 6 countries that have passed this kind of legislation. By year end the will probably be 20 more the US will be in that 20.

68.6.2010 17:15

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