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AMG plans for first full-time 3D network

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 18 Apr 2009 19:03 User comments (3)

AMG plans for first full-time 3D network AMG TV is a modestly sized network that feeds syndicated programs to some 200 terrestrial station affiliates. It is being bought out by Signet Intl. Holdings, a publicly traded company led by former NBC and PBS exec Tom Donaldson and boxing promoter Ernie Letiziano. Signet has also simultaneously joined with Kerner Broadcast Corp. for exclusive use of its 3-D TV technology.
"We fully plan to have, as soon as we can acquire the library, the first full-time 3-D network in the country," Donaldson told Daily Variety. Set-top boxes for cable and satellite aren't currently equipped for 3D content, but a lot of televisions currently being sold are technically 3D-ready.

Kerner plans to introduce two solutions in the form of an add-on box for cable and satellite subscribers and an "enhancement" that will turn any HD television into a 3D TV for about $50, which includes glasses. Kerner Broadcasting CEO Yuska Siuicki admitted that he'd give the 3D quality about a 5/10 rating, but it would make ED TV affordable and widely available for the first time.

Kerner plans to convert existing programming to 3D to fill its schedule, and will make its 3-D network available to other content providers that would like to try it out.

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3 user comments

118.4.2009 19:15

I don't know if this group has the funding to reap great rewards, but I'm glad someone has made an effort in this area. It is the next big step for regular at home viewing.

219.4.2009 1:20

3D Effect's don't work on projectors or RPTV's just a warning.

315.6.2009 13:42

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