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Sweden's Tele2 announces it will delete IP address logs

Written by James Delahunty @ 28 Apr 2009 8:42 User comments (4)

Sweden's Tele2 announces it will delete IP address logs Swedish telecommunications firm Tele2 announced yesterday that it will not keep records of IP address usage to protect its customers. "We will erase the IP addresses after they have been used for our internal use, starting today," Niclas Palmstierna, Tele2's managing director for Sweden, told AFP. The measure was introduced after Sweden's adoption of IPRED.
It is a similar policy as was introduced by Bahnof, a smaller Swedish Internet firm that also won't reveal the user's behind IP addresses. A police official has commented that such measures will make it virtually impossible to crack down on copyright infringement crimes on the Internet as had been planned.

"In certain cases, this will make an investigation impossible," said Stefan Kronkvist, the head of Swedish police's internet crime unit. Tele2 claims to have 600,000 people among its Internet clients. Internet piracy is under the spotlight in Sweden like never before since the Pirate Bay trial kicked off in February.

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4 user comments

128.4.2009 21:22

Nice to see not every isp can be bullied by corporations and political bullshiet.

228.4.2009 22:54

good to see the swede ISPs got balls to fight for their users...

329.4.2009 10:23

all well and good 'til the bought and paid for politicians introduce an addon saying isp's have to store info for 12 months

429.4.2009 21:41

This is great news to keeping the privacy of the consumer to themselves. Most i.p related issues are just nonsence and i think it really should be traced when it comes to really bad adult content that shows for example child porn or things of that nature should be reported but anything like movies and music should be left alone.

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