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Rogers to sell iPhone 3G S for $799 CAD?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 15 Jun 2009 23:11 User comments (12)

Rogers to sell iPhone 3G S for $799 CAD? According to Fido representatives, Canadian movile phone carrier Rogers will be selling the upcoming iPhone 3G S for $799 (16GB) or $899 (32GB) CAD without contract, prices that far exceed the phone's price tag in the US.
Without contract in the US, the phone retails for $570 and $680, meaning Canadians will be paying at least a $100 premium for the phone.

Rogers is also only offering three-year contract or contract-free.

Supposed leaked Best Buy Canada sources are claiming however that the phone will not be overpriced and will be $700 CAD for the 16GB model and $800 for 32GB, in line with the American models.

We shall see when Rogers makes it official.

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12 user comments

115.6.2009 23:21

3? three? tres? tois? YEARS??? WOW! and I thought 2 years was too long for a contract.

215.6.2009 23:45

Yea, Rogers is the worst, but Bell and Telus aren't too far off... I just bought a LG Voyager for $250 on a 2 year contract from Bell and I just felt like I was raped throughout the whole process. Their customer support just makes me wanna cry from frustration, I've had disturbing nightmares ever since I dealt with the whole team there...

316.6.2009 3:00

I think it's insane that the iPhone costs this much without a contract either in Canada or in the U.S. 3 years ago it only cost Apple roughly $250 to make the product. You can guarantee it's even less today as improvements to manufacturing lower the cost for them to make it.

416.6.2009 7:16

Thats just crazy, what does it take for consumers to realise they are being f*&ed over at every occasion by apple and its resellers.

516.6.2009 9:25

-Roger's will probably have a $199 or $299 price along with their 3 year contract. I've been a Roger's customer for over 10 years and when I asked them for the $199 iPhone along with my renewal, they told me that my cost would be $299 for existing customers. The $199 price was for new customers ONLY. I told them to cancel my renewal as I now chose to look at their competition's offerings. Maybe time to get screwed by some other Canadian carrier for a change. I wish the Canadian government would get off their A$$e$ and deliver on their promise to open up to US carriers and introduce some competition. I'd drop Rogers and Bell in a second just to get even for screwing us for so long.
BTW I bought a Chinese i-Clone. It's unlocked, runs Windows Mobile6 and has WiFi for less than $225CDN no contract.

616.6.2009 12:20

That's a bit steep ?

716.6.2009 13:31

The real sad part is you will get plenty of idiots who will buy the phone at those prices.

Kind of like paying $600.00 for the first one.

816.6.2009 13:57

It's like my dear grandmother always said

F**k. That. Sh*t.

916.6.2009 14:48

That's right! Just give it a year or two and the price will be affordable lol. Isn't it funny how the world is in recession, but still apple charge ludacris prices for the phone? Don't get me wrong I love some of the apple gear, but I will probably get the 3g version.

1016.6.2009 15:14

Isn't it funny how the world is in recession, but still apple charge ludacris prices for the phone?
I actually think it's funnier that people still pay those ludicrous prices.

1116.6.2009 23:02

what kind of market is buying this thing...i know from looking at apple computers that there extremely overpriced but this company is really pushing its limits on every product line they have with prices.

Seems about right though a highly overpriced item along with a crappy carrier with more dead spots than anyone could imagine make a great nightmare of a team for anyone.

1218.6.2009 19:58

baaaaaaaa. baaaaaaaa.
This is who buys at that price. The rest of the minority looks at $600.00 and thinks "I could feed my children for a month, put it away for their education, or do something worthwhile with it"
But the old saying still holds true..."there's a sucker born every minute"
Fortunately for Apple there is lots of them.

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