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Virgin and Universal team up for unlimited music downloads

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 15 Jun 2009 21:45 User comments (7)

Virgin and Universal team up for unlimited music downloads Virgin Media, the large cable TV operator and music store chain has announced an unlimited music download subscription service with Universal today, designed to allow all Virgin broadband users in the UK to stream or download as many Universal songs as they want, for a fee.
Of course, entertainment lawyers say the service will do nothing to stop global music piracy, which can amount to "millions in lost revenue" every year for the major labels. Many added that the 25 and under segment of the population will continue to pirate music, while this service may bring in user over the age of 30, who are less prone to unauthorized downloads.

Universal, the biggest major label in the world, includes such popular acts as U2, Elton John, the Rolling Stones, Duffy, Kanye West and Akon.

Virgin adds it remains in talks with other labels in an effort to bring more artists into the service.

The downloadable songs will be in DRM-free MP3 and will be available "later" this year.

IFPI Chairman John Kennedy adds of the deal: "It epitomizes the way in which the music business is adapting to the digital world, embracing new business models and responding to the changing needs of consumers," Kennedy said of the new service.

"It also marks new ground in ISPs' willingness to take steps to protect copyrighted content on their networks, and that sets a very encouraging example to the whole industry."

Virgin also added: "We expect the deal will drive a material reduction in the unauthorized distribution of its repertoire across Virgin Media's network."

There was no word on price.

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7 user comments

116.6.2009 6:15

This is too little too late, token measures like this arent going to stop the juggernaut of file sharing. Why didnt they do this 10 years ago and try to shape the market in their own favour while nobody knew what p2p was.

Once again another example of a hit-and-hope action by a record label that knows its going nowhere but down

216.6.2009 15:44

"The lost revenue" by the music industry will soon be repaired once we all start having to pay the "New Phone Line Tax For Faster Internet"in the UK

317.6.2009 9:12

The supreme chief twat of The British Phonographic Industry was on the BBC talking about the UK and its new internet piracy laws and initiatives like this from Virgin & Universal - " over 2,000 jobs a year are lost in the music industry due to piracy and over 200 million in lost revenue" I of course believed every single word the c*nt said lol - I love the way they try and make you believe that every song downloaded would instantly be bought at HMV etc in the High Street if the internet didn't exist - idiot !

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418.6.2009 14:32

Originally posted by wiimatrix:
"The lost revenue" by the music industry will soon be repaired once we all start having to pay the "New Phone Line Tax For Faster Internet"in the UK
I guess that Universal is trying it in England to see if it'll work elsewhere, especially in the U.S.

But, like everyone else said, they should've done something like this a long time ago.

519.6.2009 5:54

I actually think this is a good idea, we all want things for free but the fact is they cost. unlimited downloads for a set monthly fee is welcomed in my view as long as that fee is not ridiculous. It can stop computer illiterate people like my brother trying their hand at P2P because its an easy viable source for his music.

Having knowledge of P2P and having also gone to amazon uk to download music i have to say the reasons are basically because people want to take advantage and get their files for free. its just as easy to use amazon or something similar to download but the difference is cost.

Cant blame people really, i also agree that it should have been done years ago but lets see what the service has to offer before we right it off.

621.6.2009 12:36

I don't see the idea as a bad thing at all. How many lamers got viruses from Limewire? So I'm sure with no DRM it will take off. I would consider it myself if the price was right just to make sure all the songs worked and I could use them on my Radio station lol.

723.6.2009 8:30

Virgin now has a new tactik for taking down your internet, yes that right just singed up to virgins national broadband (ADSL) service (no cable to my house boo hoo) and their wonderful free NETGEAR WG834G V5 Router just looses the internet after 20 hours of connection.

Its a new tacktik, they give you a router that cant stay connected to the internet, that way they must figure i wont be able to download anything.... problems solved... lol

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