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British ISP offering employees year off in exchange for pay cut

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 04 Jul 2009 22:29 User comments (3)

British ISP offering employees year off in exchange for pay cut BT, the British ISP and one of the region's largest companies has announced they will be offering employees the opportunity to take one year off of work in exchange for a 75 percent price cut for that year.
Any employee who takes the pay cut and vacation will receive the 25 percent remaining of their salary as an upfront payment.

BT is desperately trying to cut costs after posting a massive 1 billion pound loss for the Q1 2009.

The telecom has also said it will be laying off over 15,000 of its 100,000 employees over the next year. Employees are also being given larger incentives to work part-time.

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3 user comments

15.7.2009 5:37

And ppl wonder why sales are slumping!

25.7.2009 15:33

Is this the company that is "throttling" it's customers? How can you lose a "billion" dollars on a monopoly? Why does a phone company need 100,000 employees? everything is going wireless, they need to get with the program or they will be asking for handouts.

39.7.2009 12:20

Oh get real, do. BT was for many years the telecomms supplier for the UK, and one of the world's top three telecomms companies. They lost their monopoly some years ago.

So far as throttling is concerned, just about all ISPs use traffic shaping of one kind or another, so there's no point in singling out BT for attention.

I'm glad you have such facile solutions for major problems of major companies in other countries. Maybe the American carmakers should have consulted you, along with your larcenous bankers. I'm sure you would have saved them from disaster.

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