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LG Display aims for 32-inch OLED production in 2012

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 17 Jul 2009 16:06 User comments (6)

LG Display aims for 32-inch OLED production in 2012 In an effort to find a new source of revenue, LG Display has announced that it now aims to produce 32-inch Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) televisions in 2012. OLED technology has enormous benefits in the form of picture quality, and due to the absence of a backlight, uses less energy than LCD and Plasma. Longevity of a OLED panel falls behind competing technology however, and many of the world's largest consumer electronics companies are searching for a solution.
In it's push to bring an OLED television to the market as soon as possible, LG Display will expand its research and development sector, taking on 1,700 new jobs this year, according to chief executive officer Kwon Young-soo. "We plan to produce 30-inch OLED panels for TVs in 2012," he said.

He continued: "The commercial success of OLEDs hinges on how it shows its superiority compared to existing liquid crystal display (LCD) technologies. We will focus on TV panels rather than cell phone panels because the larger the display, the more efficient the OLED technology."

LG Display is to invest $2.59 billion in the production of another eight generation LCD production line to be in operation in the second half of 2010. The company announced a return to profit in the second quarter, attributed to rising costs of LCD panels and stronger demand.

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6 user comments

117.7.2009 18:07

The same LG whose CEO was arrested for global price fixing on their lcd displays?

Er..yeah, I'll be sure and run right out and buy an LG LCD Tv so I can support the CROOKS.

217.7.2009 23:44

its an oled not lcd

318.7.2009 0:43

WTF. I was planning on replacing the elephant 1080i Projection TV in my family room with one of these TVs, an OLED. These are taking far too long to be produced... I can wait til' 2012 but for a 32"? I'm looking for like at least 50", perhaps bigger if the price is right, but that probably won't be for like 6 years :o

And I donno about LG, I mean I love my Voyager, just as if it was a Nokia! But an LG TV? Hmm...

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419.7.2009 18:50

If it's under 42" and they can't compete with LCD/Plasma by 2012 why bother?

525.7.2009 9:36

I am ok with lighting the back of TVs but room lighting panels would be more exciting than those twisted ice-cream sundae looking florescent light-bulbs. To revolutionize what we call the light fixture alone would be a big advancement felt in every home, in both interior design and the energy budget.

You might have 3 or 4 lighting panels per household counting TV and computers, but add multiple room lighting panels for every room in every home and small office and it is an explosion of lower power technology for the masses.

I have yet to see one nice looking dining-room ceiling light that accommodates the twisted florescent lamps. OLEDs have great potential.

61.8.2009 10:39

longevity vs energy saver? dude how much more energy are you saving from an lcd compared to an oled? is it enough to make you have to buy a tv more often? (although might be a good excuse when you tell the wife you want a new one!) I know leds are cheap, but i dunno if i would feel comfortable with my tv dying sooner.

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