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Nintendo sells 600,000 copies of Wii Sports Resort in Europe

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 08 Aug 2009 6:40 User comments (4)

Nintendo sells 600,000 copies of Wii Sports Resort in Europe According to figures acquired by, Nintendo's Wii Sports Resort title has been very successful in Europe as well as its strong performance in North America and Japan. The company revealed that it has sold more than 600,000 copies of the MotionPlus-enhanced title in Europe since it was release in July 24, taking just under two weeks to pass the 600,000 tally.
Within eight days of its release in the United States, the title sold over half a million copies. It is the third fastest selling game for the Wii platform in Japan as it topped the charts in the region for two straight weeks and caused a noticeable surge in the sales of Wii hardware.

In the UK, the game topped the all-format sales charts for two weeks running. The sales figures solidified it as the fourth most popular title for the platform to date in the United Kingdom.

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4 user comments

18.8.2009 9:15

..and it will eventually become stale and boring but the sales figures is definitely impressive.

28.8.2009 10:07

The kids love it, nothing beats whacking each other in swordfighting.

38.8.2009 10:10

"serious gamer" still doesn't understand target audience that tendo sells to so well.. hahaha.. fail.

We can't get enough copies of this from the suppliers to keep up with demand.

48.8.2009 13:40

I was actually considering a Wii because of the easy backup loading and homebrew but I'm pretty skeptical about all this motion sensing stuff. You hear stuff about people pulling their muscles playing these games all the time. That's what you get for forcing exercise on people Nintendo. You're better off doing regular exercise than getting it from your Wii. I have like an almost nil chance of injury jogging but I'm not sure I can say the same thing swinging a wii mote around playing Tiger Woods golf. I've never had a video game injury beyond sore joints, blistering and eye strain so I'm gonna have to pass on that. Don't want to miss days of school/work due to a Wii injury. lol.

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