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Firefox 3.6 Alpha 1 for developers, testers released

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 10 Aug 2009 18:34 User comments (2)

Firefox 3.6 Alpha 1 for developers, testers released Firefox 3.6 Alpha code named Namoroka Alpha 1 - has become available to download from the Mozilla Developer Center, and is built on a pre-release version of the Gecko 1.9.2 platform. The release is only intended for developers and testers, but if curiosity is your thing, it is available for all.
New Features
  • Compositor (Phase 1), which moves Gecko to using one native widget per top-level content document. See this blog post or bug 374980 for more details.
  • A new focus model, described here and tracked in bug 178324
  • The chromedir attribute has been replaced with a pseudoclass
  • Several new CSS3 properties including background size and gradients for background images
  • Speed improvements to the TraceMonkey JavaScript engine
  • Startup and responsiveness improvements throughout the application


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2 user comments

111.8.2009 4:51

go try Opera 10 BETA, now that is impressive.

212.8.2009 3:46

I would only test this on my linux netbook nothing else. Once you have Google Chrome you won't go back :)

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