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Sony converts e-book store to ePub format

Written by James Delahunty @ 13 Aug 2009 8:53 User comments (6)

Sony converts e-book store to ePub format In another challenge to Amazon's Kindle, Sony has decided to do away with its proprietary software and instead convert all of its e-book store into the ePub industry standard format. Sony made the move to "allows Sony to make its e-book store compatible with multiple devices and its Reader devices open to multiple sources for content," according to the Japanese consumer electronics giant.
It said that converting its e-book store to ePub is an effort to take the confusion out of the digital book formats. Instead of using its proprietary copy protection software on the Sony Reader, it will use an anti-copying solution that has been developed by Adobe with multi-platform support.

"Consumers should not have to worry about which device works with which store," Steve Haber, president of Sony's Digital Reading Business Division, said in a statement. "With a common format and common content protection solution they will be able to shop around for the content they want regardless of where they get it or what device they use."

The International Digital Publishing Forum backs the ePub format, which was developed by a group of 60 companies and organizations.

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6 user comments

113.8.2009 21:03

I'm speechless.

213.8.2009 21:09

wait, what!? sony conforming to industry standards?

first the mSD slot in new phones now this :)

<3 sony :)

313.8.2009 21:53

The boss must be on sabbatical and they mistakenly left someone with some common sense in charge. Bet he's gonna be fired

413.8.2009 23:29

in other news, Sony announces to side with Microsoft to resurrect dead HD-DVD format Due to the many US citizens uprising and Demanding there Porn.

513.8.2009 23:56

Anything to take out kindle!

614.8.2009 09:50

I just bought my eBook 505 from sony like... 22 hours ago... I was going to return it for the same reason I return sony crap... Software and DRM

theres a first for everything i guess...

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