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iPhone sales to grow to 80 million by 2012, says report

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 21 Aug 2009 6:43 User comments (4)

iPhone sales to grow to 80 million by 2012, says report According to a new Bernstein Research note, the research team believes Apple will sell over 80 million iPhones in 2012, a giant increase from current sales.
For 2008, the company shipped almost 14 million iPhones and expects to sell over 30 million in 2009. The research company sets expectations at 50 million for fiscal 2011 as well.

The largest growth factor is the iPhone's expansion to new carriers, most notably Verizon in the US in 2011, when their exclusivity deal with AT&T runs out.

In a different note, RBC Capital Markets iPhone shipments will increase to over 82 million by 2012, enough to take an almost 20 percent market share of the smartphone market.

"Despite the iPhone’s introduction more than two years ago, competitors continue to lag iPhone’s sleek touchscreen experience, robust third-party applications platform, and tight multimedia integration,"
Mike Abramsky of RBC says, via Apple Insider. "Off the strength of its brand, innovation, and customer loyalty, Apple is expected to retain its premium carrier subsidy versus competitors, sustaining above-peer margins for its smartphones. We believe Apple will sustain its lead in content, games, and apps, which we expect to expand to include mobile commerce, user-generated content, advanced gaming, etc."

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4 user comments

121.8.2009 19:23

Haha, hopefully verizon wont make you get the data plan with it

222.8.2009 01:18

2012? i forcast they sell 20 million tops. with all the new android phones coming out in the next 2 years iphone will be slipping and sliding fast than ever

322.8.2009 05:57

It won't be long before everyone has either purchased an iPhone, or known someone who purchased one. Once this happens, and everyone knows how terrible they are, the sales will drop off sharply.

422.8.2009 11:25

I love my iPhone... Never had any issues with it... The only issue I see with Verizon picking up the phone is how they rape the phone and put in their own software... Look at the atrocity that they released of a Motorola Razr. And still release today in the new phones....

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