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New Target ad also shows Xbox 360 Elite price drop

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 25 Aug 2009 16:00 User comments (3)

New Target ad also shows Xbox 360 Elite price drop For the third time now in just a matter of weeks, a leaked catalog ad is showing the Xbox 360 Elite set for a price cut to $299 USD.
The latest ad, from Target and posted by Engadget, also shows a price drop on the 60GB Pro model that should lead the model to its ultimate demise.

Expected price cut date is August 30th.

In other news however, retailers in the UK will be soon raising the price of the Arcade Xbox 360 to GBP 159.99 beginning on September 1st due to the weakening USD.

Via Kotaku:

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3 user comments

125.8.2009 18:07

There is talk of various deals too.

Two controllers has been mentioned, that is a nice idea.

I do not understand these reports of the Xbox Arcade moving to what was the the 60gb Xbox Pro price.
The Xbox Elite (currently 220 without discount in the UK) is supposed to be being moved to the old out-going 60gb Pro price-point (which is 169 without discount).
10 difference?
I doubt it.

That one just doesn't make sense to me, it sounds like somebody has their wires crossed.

226.8.2009 5:38

"it sounds like somebody has their wires crossed."

you have obviously never worked for target. ' nuff said.

lack of caps intentional.

326.8.2009 7:45

About time the prices started to come own to a reasonable level, at the end of the day this is a games machine not a PC.

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