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iPhone now leader in browser market share, Android growing

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 02 Oct 2009 17:23 User comments (1)

iPhone now leader in browser market share, Android growing According to the new Mobile Metrics Report from AdMob, the iPhone and iPod Touch now control the lead for browser market share, with 40 percent.
The Apple products took the lead from Nokia, which dropped from 43 percent to 34 percent as of August. RIM, makers of the Blackberry line, moved down to 8 percent, while Android rushed into third with 7 percent. Windows Mobile lagged behind at 4 percent. The new webOS used by the Palm Pre smartphone also jumped, but data for the device is still new.

The iPhone/Touch was most popular in the United States, taking 52 percent of the share. The devices lagged in Asia and Africa however, where they are not as readily available. Nokia's Symbian controlled over 80 percent share in both markets.

The Mobile Metrics Report "is based on Web and application use from the advertising company's 9,000 publishers and 3,000 applications worldwide."

Overall, Android saw the largest growth, and will most likely continue to do so given the release or launch of so many new Android-based phones.

Pics via Apple Insider:

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1 user comment

13.10.2009 4:04

"iPhone now leader in ^^ browser market share, Android growing"

They forgot a word..."Mobile" should be where I put the ^^. Internet Explorer and Firefox are still more used.

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