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How many Americans would pay for online news? Under 50 percent

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 17 Nov 2009 11:53 User comments (12)

How many Americans would pay for online news? Under 50 percent According to a new multi-country study from the Boston Consulting Group, Americans are the least willing to pay for online news, with only 48 percent saying they would pay the premium.
The number was about even with the UK for the lowest figure, and far below most of the other seven countries studied.

In terms of how much they would be willing to pay, the US and Australia tied for lowest at $3, a far cry from Italy where Italians were willing to pay $7 premium for online news.

The five other countries in the survey were Germany, France, Spain, Norway and Finland.

“Consumer willingness and intent to pay is related to the availability of a rich amount of free content,” added John Rose, a senior partner and head of the group’s global media practice, via the NYTimes. “There is more, better, richer free in the United States than anywhere else.”

Rose added that the numbers were not all that surprising, especially in the Western European nations where the numbers were highers, as the news is dominated in those nations by just a few players. In the US, there are so many sources that it will be impossible to not find free sources for the same news.

The study also concluded that charging for online access would not greatly increase revenue, but would be very profitable per subscriber given the low overhead.

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12 user comments

117.11.2009 12:47

I don't see what the big deals is? I pay $25/Per month to breath air.

217.11.2009 12:48

we go online to get free real non BS news from private news agency's.

what makes you think will pay for lies,fear and propaganda. i could turn my tv too 8,9,10,13 and get all of that i can handle.

317.11.2009 13:05

Lies, fear and propaganda should be free.

417.11.2009 14:01

Why do they even do studies and surveys like this? We all know what the outcome is going to be.

517.11.2009 14:15

These studies are done to waste time and money. Basically doing something unnecessary and wasteful is profitable.

617.11.2009 14:38

Will be as successful as Napster was.

Which is to say, not much.

717.11.2009 17:12

Consumer willingness and intent to pay is related to the availability of a rich amount of free content
No kidding!!!!

....with only 48 percent saying they would pay the premium.
Ugh... Riiiiight!!! Something's wrong with that survey! Who PAYS for news? Only people who subscribe to newspapers & news magazines. That's far less than 48% of the population, and most of those newspaper subscribers wouldn't be willing to pay for online news. Perhaps when the newspapers go out of business in a few years (or months), then their suscribers might pay for an Internet news service.

Broadcast TV is free. Radio is free. News comes at no extra cost with your cable TV subscription... There are no "premium" news channels that you have to pay extra for.

Plus, 20-30% of people in the U.S. don't even have Internet at home, and 20% of the population is too young to pay for news.

817.11.2009 17:52

I wouldn't pay for online news like I don't pay for print "news"

917.11.2009 23:00

Everything you see in America anyway is at best an infomercial, or propaganda of some type. I don't mean to pick on Fox, but they even hype their prime time shows on their news channel as news??!!!
What's that about? I guess we should pay for their ads, so we have programming to watch. "Programming" being the key word.
CNN, MSNBC, and all of the other "news" organizations aren't any different.
We get the news THEY want us to hear, until that changes, why would anybody pay?
Maybe they should be thankful there are enough idiots that sit through this "news" and leave it at that.

1019.11.2009 19:44

I gave up on the US media networks years ago, when the Internet became popular.

I find more news info listening to podcasts from NPR, and tech stuff from various podcasts such as Maximum PC and so on that I don't need to listen to or watch it (news or information) when they want the consumer to.

Report the news, cut out the political BS, don't insult our intelligence, and then I'll go back and watch the evening news on TV. Until then, they can go the way of the 25 cent candy bar.

1122.11.2009 8:30

What a non-surprise.

1222.11.2009 8:47

its a stupid idea trying to make people pay for news.I buy a newspaper everyweek and read the news but i buy it for the tv guide& crosswords not the news.we have the news on 5 tv channels plus current affairs shows and world news plus news in various languages on tv.anyone can do a simple google search and find news articles to read so why on earth would anyone pay for the news.O and if you want to find out what the celebrities are up to theres twitter.

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