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YouTube blocking use of native video API on some devices

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 21 Nov 2009 23:43 User comments (1)

YouTube blocking use of native video API on some devices It appears that YouTube has begun blocking use of native video API on some devices, including the popular Popcorn Hour C-200 because they lack a license from the company.
Users can still access videos using Flash but will not be able to directly access YouTube videos.

Many current TV-connecting devices already have the license however, such as TiVO DVRs, Apple TV, and Bravia HDTVs. Handheld devices such as iPods and smartphones are immune from the blocks.

It is still unclear why the change of heart has occurred but many speculate that content providers, who are increasingly more important to current and future revenue for the video streaming site, have had some say in the decision.

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122.11.2009 11:09

Kasperskys firewall is csueing some heavy lag time in youtube, the vids run fine but moveing from one page to another is hellish. Anyone got a clue as to how to fix it? this dose nto seem to effect IE but FF is screwed ><
errrr why not just run the crappy video on the devices and run the better video on the approved ones?

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