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Sprint, Skiff to show off large e-reader at CES

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 04 Jan 2010 22:50 User comments (3)

Sprint, Skiff to show off large e-reader at CES Sprint and Skiff have announced today that they will be introducing the new Skiff e-reader at the CES event later this week, one that will be extremely fast and will feature a large resolution screen.
“We think it’s the speediest reader yet,” says Gil Fuchsberg, president of Skiff. "We've got some things that we can do that you’ve never been able to do on e-ink screens before."

Partner Sprint will provide the 3G wireless service for the device, and will even make the Skiff Reader available in Sprint retail stores and online, the first carrier to do so.

Skiff will also offer a store selling newspapers, magazines and e-books that should work with most other e-readers and smartphone apps. "We think there'll be a market for dedicated readers alongside applications on your phone or tablet PCs," Fuchsberg added, via the NYT.

The display is black and white, but Fuchsberg says a firmware update will bring color very soon. "We're working very aggressively on color, and we’ll bring color to this device as quickly as we can," he added.

The Skiff Reader display is full touchscreen but the device also includes a scroll wheel. The resolution is 1200 x 1600, double the resolution of the Amazon Kindle.

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3 user comments

14.1.2010 23:07

Old school newspapers return...FTW!!

25.1.2010 1:37

spam removed

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35.1.2010 22:05

It looks very promising. Can't wait until the color screen come out.

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