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Ubuntu makes deal with Yahoo for default search engine

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 27 Jan 2010 14:11 User comments (14)

Ubuntu makes deal with Yahoo for default search engine The blog has reported today that all new versions of Ubuntu Lucid will come with Firefox using Yahoo! as the default search engine instead of Google after the companies struck a deal.
Canonical, the group behind the Lucid releases, made the revenue sharing deal as a way to generate income for the company and its developers.

Obviously, if you hate Yahoo or just prefer Google, Bing, Ask, etc., you can switch the search engine back, but Canonical will not see any of the money from your searches. The browser start page will also feature Yahoo instead of Google now, but that is easily changed as well.

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14 user comments

127.1.2010 15:37

There is no "Yahoo" search engine, is Microhoo, since Bing is the core.

227.1.2010 17:14

Actually it's more the other way around as I understand it. They still produce different search results however.

327.1.2010 17:23

Hmmm...Every time you launch a search using Yahoo, it actually uses Bing!, The only difference is probably in the interface, with yahoo advertisement...

427.1.2010 17:59

Seems those aren't the only differences:

Searching "corn dogs" with Yahoo!
Searching "corn dogs" with Bing

527.1.2010 18:02

Okay, you win, Bing and Yahoo don't use the same engine...

627.1.2010 18:08

Hehe - sorry I didn't mean to come across as argumentative. :-P

I know they struck up a deal where Bing would power Yahoo! Search, but I was also under the impression that they still use different search techniques, which seems to be the case. (Apparently Microsoft also borrowed some of Yahoo's search engine too, hence my thinking that Bing is based on Yahoo more than Yahoo on Bing.) I could be off though.

But whatever, I use Google. :-)

727.1.2010 18:20

My understanding is that Yahoo! didn't have the resources to keep up with Google's searching tech, and MS is not in the advertising business...Google has them both, the search and the ADs, and that's what MS+Yahoo was trying to be:

I use Google as well...

827.1.2010 20:55

Obviously, if you hate Yahoo or just prefer Google, Bing, Ask, etc., you can switch the search engine back, but Canonical will not see any of the money from your searches.
Hmm, I never used the default 'Ubuntu Google' home page. I always just changed it to plain old google cause it looks and works better. I guess Canonical doesn't get any revenue from that either?

927.1.2010 21:47

just to support Canonical I will use yahoo it's worth it for sure!, if that's what it takes to keep the software free.

1028.1.2010 12:04

Yeah who cares about the costumer, as long as there striking deals they could care less that we want..

1128.1.2010 21:52

I am a casual Ubuntu user on my lil asus netbook and i dont have an issue with this a little revenue maker for a open source operating system more power to them. :)

1229.1.2010 0:25

Not really important news. Anyone who's sophisticated enough to use any flavor of Linux knows how to set a new default for search. It's not like the clueless Windows user who only uses IE with MSN as the homepage.

1320.2.2010 5:43

This will make a difference of course, especially with users who doesn't care about which search engine they are using, or they really don't know about search engines, they just use the homepage whatever it is to search when they open there browsers...

in my opinion, Google Search is the best, Yahoo homepage and Bing's suck big time and takes more time to load + Google is faster and more intelligent !!

for me I use blookle

146.10.2010 12:24

What's all that nonsense about "if it keeps ubuntu free"?? .. ubuntu isn't a one company built thing.. it's a heap of libraries basically sharked for free from debian.. a kernel from the kernel team and from the debian branch.. and a pile of mono dependencies and crap from novell/microsucks.. All Canonical do is dress it up.. make it nooby and shove it down peoples throats with all their dollars to push it. Will people ever learn?.. ubuntu isn't it's own linux.. it's a flavour of debian.. which is a "pure" open source system.. has a constitution and everything.. I wonder why it used .deb packages if it is as standalone as people think?? oh yeah.. because without debian there wouldn't be an ubuntu.. or a mint.. or a dreamlinux.. or a DSL.. and a whole heap of others.

Most people use it for a few months.. it pisses them off.. they move on to different flavours.. I'm a debian user, though I run solaris9, DragonflyBSD, slackware, puppy, and a homebrewed "roll your own" thing on my cluster, Alpine on my router.. cp/m and a few other oddballs like QNX and Menuet.. Only things I don't run are ubuntu and mac-os and winduhz.. oh and suse.. because that's semi proprietary drm disabled crap as well...

Go on.. be brave.. try Sabayon.. it takes some setting up XD

ARR! Them pesky Navy! Get out of my sea!

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