AfterDawn: Tech news streams 120 shows, for free, 'legally'

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 05 Feb 2010 15:24 User comments (3) streams 120 shows, for free, 'legally' A newly launched site called TVGorge is promoting what millions of international citizens have wanted for years from streaming site Hulu; free access to tons of TV shows, legally.
The site uses "indexing techniques" to gather content from tons of legal TV streaming sites around the world. It claims, Hulu, TVGuide and TVDuck as "partners." The site does not store video files on its own servers and simply uses links or embeds from other sites.

There are currently 120 TV shows available, with full seasons available for shows such as Californication, 24 and 30 Rock, among many others.

Although the site claims legality, it will be interesting to see how long until some content holder puts an end to the site, or at least the international part.

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3 user comments

15.2.2010 15:33

and terrible quality :) i.e. 24 season 8 ep 6, 45min episode within 48 megs .flv file, encoded w/ h264/mp3.. quality is simply terrible, worst rip i've seen :D

So no thanks, but a good try, hopefully there will be others as well in future, more legimate and w/ better quality.

25.2.2010 17:07

I'll stick to TvShack, thanks.

36.2.2010 5:44

another "news" story with no links.

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